Brand Messaging with Social Media

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brand messaging via social mediaUsing social media sites for promoting brands is nothing new. Almost all the businesses, large or small, have used this tool. One of the key reasons why social media sites get so much attention when it comes to branding is their ability to get out a brand message effectively. They are, in fact, excellent venues for promoting your brand message say in terms of popularity, reach, ease, or interactivity. However, the real challenge is to make your targeted audience hear your message. The crowd is enormous in these social channels. As mentioned, almost every business is using it, as a result branding messages that start with great intentions often end-up being nonexistent.

The problem lies elsewhere! There are certain ways to use social channels in order to get your message out in the popular social media sites. You need to understand the various social platforms and the ways they can help you to promote your branding message. I have often seen marketers getting confused while selecting the platforms to promote their branding messages. It is essential to determine when to use a particular platform to promote messages. For example, press releases are ideal for the initial burst, but they tend to fade quickly once the message is published.

Though it is a strong method of promoting brand messages, blogs and social media sites provide a superior message delivery system on long-term basis. In fact, social media spread out your message over time, while blogs can diversify it and break it into individual components. Also, press releases are not for showing your creativity. Your PR content needs to be simple, brief and to-the-point. There is no way you can play with the words. On the other hand, creativity plays a crucial role in social media and blogs.

Thus, you need to be strategic while promoting your brand message through social channels. With the fierce market competition, you don’t have the luxury of focusing on one or two channels and leaving out the others. Thus, your goal would be to incorporate all the channels of online marketing to achieve a better result in promoting your brand message. One solution could be to announce the message through press release to the initial burst, where press releases provide the best possible result. Since there is hardly any scope for creativity in your press release, keep the message simple.

Now, to promote the message on social media slice it up to different small segments, but don’t go into much detail about any your components. The blogs are the place to tell the story to your audience, to connect with them and engage them. So next time you plan a brand message don’t forget to incorporate the aforementioned tips, and thank us later.