Learn the Great Importance of Directory Submissions

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What can you do to make your online business obtain good visibility?

Well, the main solution is to create a great impression to your target market and on the World Wide Web. Then again, this is very general and entails the application of several strategies. Furthermore, you need to pour in much effort and time (as well as adequate budget) to make your website rank well in search engine results. Once you are able to accomplish this, the direct result is increased traffic to your site.


So, how can you gain enough exposure to earn high sales?

A vital technique is off-page optimisation, a process that involves optimising through external factors. Perhaps, one of the most important elements of this strategy is generating links through directory submission.


But what is a directory?

It is a Web service, which offers a list of services, websites, products, and people arranged either according to categories (e.g. shopping, household, automotive, etc.) or in alphabetical order. Sometimes, it can be both.

social media and directory submission

As of late, you can come across several online directories.

Given that, you have to know that your website does not appear automatically on any directory. You have to submit certain details about your site before your domain comes up in listings. Now, this process is what you call a “directory submission”.


Check out the image below to have a quick look into how your site appears on a directory.


These are Google+ submissions.

As you can see from the example, the information, which you send to one or more directories commonly consists of your site URL, description, and title. When making the last two elements, you have to integrate relevant keywords to help you rank in SERPs.

Assuming that you already have submitted your website’s details, what do you get out from it?

Well, the check out the following benefits to learn…

The Biggest Relevance of Directory Submissions

1. You can obtain permanent one-way links

When it comes to getting high ranking, link building is an essential factor. And, between exchanging links (from one site to another) and receiving inbound links, the latter has more value. This applies mostly if you enlist with high-quality directories.


2. Search engines are able to index or find your site

Google (as well as other search sites) scours the Web for important sites or pages each time a user types in a search word or phrase. It comes up with relevant results by letting its algorithm or “spiders” crawl through links. To make it easy for Google to find your website, do not forget to submit its basic details to leading directories.


3. You can use high-ranking keywords

Who says that you can only target popular search terms through on-page optimisation? The fact that your submission titles serve as links or anchor texts, which direct users to your site, you can make the most of it by integrating the titles with relevant key phrases. In return, each directory link that you obtain puts you closer to the top spot in the SERPs.


4. You do not have to spend a penny

This is because many Web directories do not charge you for submissions. This indicates that you can lessen your marketing budget or use the extra money for other promotional means.


How about that, taking advantage of directory submissions can be very beneficial, right? So, if you have not considered this strategy before, include it in your SEO campaign to reap its rewards.


EmmaAbout the Author: Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a leading search agency providing SEO services to SMEs and big companies in several countries. If you want to read more articles from me to check out my other posts, you can log on to our SEO Blog on Smart Traffic’s official website.