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A Quick Survey of the Best Free Email Services Around

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free email services Trying to put together a list of the best free email services is not easy as there are a lot of them around. But the following are among the best in terms of their reliability and feature set and are at least worth a look.




This service has gigabytes of free storage space so you can store email and the interface makes it very easy to use. Gmail has got POP and IMAP access plus it is also very quick.


Xoho Mail


This is not as well known as Gmail but it has very good service with IMAP and POP access, sufficient storage and it boasts of integration with online office suites and instant messaging. The service is more suited for professionals that need to send used replies often, check out contacts and key messages and organize mail.


iCloud Mail


This is a free email service from Apple. It does not just provide you with email but also iWork documents, reminders, bookmarks, contacts, calendars and notes. The interface is very easy to use and the system can be relied on to back up devices. You can also use it to store iBooks, pictures and other applications.


AIM Mail


AIM is a free web service provided by AOL and has no storage limitations. It has an easy to use interface and solid protection against spam. The program also lets you link to other email services, has a spell checker and protects you from viruses.


Yahoo Mail


This is one of the most popular free email services today, and it has a lot of features that make it a breeze to sort mail. It has a lot of features such as instant messaging, social bookmarking, SMS texting and no limitations on storage. Aside from the many features that are available, it is also easy to use. The service also comes with its own spam filter.




This is one of the most popular email services and has near limitless storage capacity. Its interface is rich and easy to use, and it has many tools to help you organize mail and prevent spam from coming in.


GMX and Mail.com


These are two of the most reliable services around that come with powerful spam filters. Both of them have a simple web interface, unlimited storage space online and is available on mobile.




This service offers 2 GB free email storage space, plus a host of security features. You can also edit email and protect passwords. There are also tools for organizing your mail.




With Inbox, you get gigabytes of free storage and it is also a breeze to use either via the Web or POP. One of the nice features of Inbox.com is you can search for email by conversation.




This is a very basic service for email with POP access and unlimited online storage. There is nothing fancy about it but it handles email easily.




This service is suitable if you want email secured and solid and you can use it with IMAP or POP. Its interface is basic but functional.


Keep in mind that the best free email services are always being updated. Because of stiff competition, companies are increasing the feature set, the space available and so on. Aside from having a lot of features, you need to make sure that it is easy to use. Finally, make sure that the service is reliable so you can access it anytime, anywhere.


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