Your Brand is Exposed to 150 Million Pinterest Users


It was back in 2012 when Pinterest gained a lot of hype after comScore published a list of data showing that Pinterest is the fastest independent website with over 10 millions monthly visitors in US only. Marketers started making a note of it and planned to exploit the potentials of this social network site to the fullest. In four more years, Pinterest revealed that it has 150 million active users worldwide visiting the site every month. 70 million of them are from USA.

Let us have a look at the user statistics in 2016:

Even last year, Pinterest announced that it has 100 million users, who remain active in its domain every month. This data shows that Pinterest has managed to grow its user base by at least 50% over the last year. Eighty percent of these users live outside America. 75% of the new signups are people living outside the U.S. All these records are published by Pinterest itself.

The social networking site is trying hard to push the idea that more people are using Pinterest these days. 40% of its new users are men. That is 70% more compared to what it was a year back. The company launched search results by gender to highlight the idea of, ‘men are flocking to Pinterest’. 60% of the users are women. In fact, more than a half of the U.S millennials are Pinterest users.

Though Pinterest does not consider itself to be on the same line with Instagrams, Facebook and Snapchats, with 150 million loyal users, businesses and different brands, this networking tool cannot be dismissed outright. 

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