Get accustomed with the Google Penguin SEO Techniques

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Google penguin updateThe world of Google is full of surprises. New updates and changes are made often and then. Therefore, webmasters and bloggers should stay updated to maintain their position at the top. Well, the latest sensation among the internet marketers is Google Penguin. Yes, the Google Penguin has arrived with all new strategies and if you fail to cope up with its demands, your website rank can definitely dropdown.

Need help? Then, look up here to know what “Penguin update”, the webspam algorithm has in its bag.

Primary focus

The main focus of the Penguin algorithm is to offer right exposure to the websites or blogs that has set apart its own uniqueness with extreme professional contents.

The checklist to follow for securing a better position on the Google

Avoid using fake or strange tactics

May be you are blessed with wicked intelligence, by using which you have maintained your position on Google top list till date, but Penguin will not allow you to do the same anymore. “Black hat SEO” is definitely not allowed if you want to make your webpage visible at the top list. So, stop using hidden keywords, descriptions, cloaking, text stuffing and doorway pages in a massive rate, because these are not going to be of any use.

So, it is better if you switch to White Hat Search Engine optimization now to maintain a better visibility of your web pages.

“Content is king”

Google always focuses upon the quality and uniqueness of the contents more than anything else. So, start concentrating upon it to ensure better visibility of your web pages.

  • Create contents that reflect fresh ideas and information.
  • Make sure that the quality of the content is standard, so that the viewers of all age can read it and make a sense of it.
  • Stop stuffing keywords unnecessarily, because from now onwards Google is not going to give priority to the contents, which are stuffed with linked keywords.

Stop believing upon “You link me and I will link you”

It was a popular SEO technique once upon a time, but now Google is stressing upon natural link building.

Since, Penguin is really very new, facing troubles is obvious. However, the survival of your web pages at the top list is really very important to ensure your profits.

In such circumstances, you can go for hiring affordable SEO services in Chicago to get rid of the hangovers of old SEO techniques and move forward with the strategies of Google penguin to reach to the heights at best.

Author bio-

The author miss Liza Watson is a blogger and writes contents on the current topics that help webmasters maintain a better rank of their web pages. In this content, you will get to know how affordable SEO services in Chicago can help you flourish your business.