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Strategic Web Consulting

Strategic Web Consultancy Services

Get the Web Experts On-board.

There are times when your online business is not on the right track. You may be doing everything right and putting in money to leverage your sales graph, but something seems to be undoing all the hard work. That is when you need web consultancy services. The Internet has evolved immensely since the days when you could do things by the trial and error method. Today you have to be sure of what you are doing. Understanding and implementing the parameters of online business is integral to its success. Our web consultancy services will be able to help you and lead you on the right path.

 It is very difficult to find out right resources and cost effective alternative strategies to figure out the right track of online business.

7Boats helps business owners finding out the right resources, DIY (Do it yourself)  know-hows, saving recurring costs by suggesting free open-source alternate strategies. It saves huge time and lightens up new thoughts and ideas to strategically place your business online.

We help you to select the right digital marketing mix and building up profit channels.

These are some ways in which our web consultancy services can help you:

Accelerated Web Consultancy Services

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  • Usability of the Website: Our team of web experts guides you on how user-friendly your website is. Key areas where users get repelled include vague navigations, wrong web links and heavy web pages.
  • Content: Our web consultancy experts can evaluate the content of your website and study the web material critically. Our editors will look at the content from a consumer’s perspective and offer guidelines on how you can make it more lucid and crisp.
  • Statistical Analysis: Traffic on the Internet can be tracked through tools like Google Analytics. How these statistics are evaluated decide the future of your websites. Our experts will interpret these numbers for you and offer suggestions on making improvements.
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Custom Web Consultancy Services

  • Maintenance: Creating and launching a website is only half the job done. You have to evaluate and maintain it on a regular basis with updates. The web consultancy service experts working for us do this job for you, allowing you to present a fresh website to your online consumers.
  •  Ongoing Competitor Analysis: It is not enough that you do it right, you also have to keep a close watch on what your competitors are doing. That is why our web consultancy services study the competition and comes up with strategy-defining reports.
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