Accelerated Consultancy Services

Accelerated Web Consultancy Services

Accelerated Web Consultancy Services

Quick Fixes for Your Website

The Internet is a dynamic medium. Time has very different connotations online than what it is offline. Your website cannot function optimally with defects or errors for a short period of time. You need instant fixes to put it back on track. Our accelerated consultancy services do that and more! With this service, you can ask for our evaluation team to have a look at your website’s problems and specify time frames to resolve the issue. After looking at what is wrong with your website, our consultancy experts will be able to precisely inform how much time it would take to get the job done. It can vary from 1 hour to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the situation.

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The advantage of using acceleration consultancy services is that your problems are resolved within a stipulated period of time. Some of the services that we provide here include configuring and installing plugins, suggesting open-source alternatives, WordPress installations and error detections, cPanel or WHM queries, guidance on hosting and domain name strategy. We also provide you excellent do-it-yourself (DIY) quick fixes that will arm you to resolve recurring problems without consulting anyone. The best way to use our accelerated consultancy services is to write us about your problem. We will get back to you with a tentative timeline to resolve the issues you mention.

Here are reasons why you need accelerated consultancy services:

  • Complete evaluation of your website, with special focus on the areas that you want us to work on. The consultants on our team will report back to you with the pros and cons of your website. They will also suggest ways to make it better
  • A wide variety of services, including help to fix hacked websites, is incorporated in this consultancy service package. Once the experts are through with your website, you will find the errors have been brushed out
  • Emphasis on sticking to the tentative deadlines set to get the job done. Our consultants do not falter on this vital aspect.
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