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Innovation in Content: Are you Ready for It?

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content innovation and content marketing ideas Are you ready for the innovation in content? Peck at your content marketing strategies and scale it down to its very bone. What do you find? The skeleton of an idea to tell a story is what you get. All the content that you have published has maintained focus on that one particular motive: tell a story. That story can be about your brand, about the products and services that you offer or it can simply be about something else. Whatever the case may be, it is always about some story.

But you don’t get much out of that content, do you? Can you take a quick guess and pin down one single reason why that is so? It is because everyone around is you doing the same! Everyone has a story to tell and they are continuously devising new ways to tell it. In order to surpass the strength of their voice, you need to shout louder. Or, you can take a lateral route. How about getting across your message to the receiver through gestures, instead of trying to shout louder than the others in the room? That is lateral thinking and is the bedrock of innovation, be it in content or in some other domain.

Why Innovate at All?

You have got a very good reason in the lines above: to do something different from the competition around you. What can be a more significant reason, though there are many? Your competitors are trying the usual tricks in the book that involve social media marketing of the content, using article forums and blogs to disseminate their stories and posts. You have to understand here that innovation does not mean playing a completely different ball game. You will still have to worry about the usual like SEO juice, web traffic and share-worthy content. Innovation is playing the same game in a different way in order to optimize your strength for greater benefit. Think along the usual, clichéd lines and take off on a tangent to get ahead of the competition curve.

What to Think When You Innovate

The question present in the room like a silent elephant is: how to actually start innovative thinking? The trick lies in knowing the basics. You can only build up on something when you know its innards. For example, if you want to draw the best out of Google’s algorithms and make your website rank at the very top of the heap, you need to get out of the usual route taken by SEO professionals. And which route do you take then? You bank on your understanding of Google’s algorithms and how they function. When your conception about the algorithms and the science contained in them is clear to you, you can think of ways to scale up your website’s fortunes easier than the competitors who are in the same arena with you.

Another important thing you can do is to unlearn everything that you have learnt. For example, in the field of content writing, you are taught a certain way of writing or using keywords. That is the foundation which is common for all content writing. When you want to innovate, you have to start thinking from the point where your competitors hit the expected route. Keeping the basics right and correct, you can go berserk with the format of your content, to name a possibility among many. You can write in a completely new narrative while at the same time maintaining your keyword density and other technicalities. What happens is that you post, then, is ranked favorably because of the attention to keywords and finds mention among online readers because you have given them old wine in a new bottle.

That pretty much sums up the story of innovation. Going the much-treaded path and then building your own tarmac and taking off! Can you think of other ways to innovate content? Share them with us here!

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