On Page SEO Services

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On page SEO services

On Page SEO Services

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Search engine optimization or SEO can be broadly classified into two divisions: on page SEO and off page SEO. Traditionally speaking, on page SEO services refers to the work done on your website. This includes checking the content, updating it regularly and also working on the basics that will make your website more search engine-friendly. It is a continuous process of editing the web pages. Smart on page SEO will ensure that you get ranked favorably on the search engine results.

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The basics of on page SEO begins with getting the content onboard. It is true that the content of the websites must be written with the keywords that are intrinsic to the online business that you are doing. However, stuffing your website with keywords to impress search engine algorithms will not cut much ice. Search engines have improved immensely and can recognize when you try to spam the website with keywords. Such sites get blocked often. Another note of caution would be to steer clear of unethical means to grab search engine rankings. They may work for you in the immediate future but will be extremely damaging for the brand later on.

Heading tags, italic tags, bold tags and title tags make up the HTML aspects of on page SEO services. These help in optimizing your website in a much better way. At the same time, you must be careful about certain points:

  • Ensure that the SEO firm is not using hidden texts to increase the keyword density of your web pages.
  • Steer clear of negative div tags that allow the web page to have additional content that is not visible to the online users. Only the search engine programs are able to identify them.
  • Avoid black-hat on page SEO services like ‘cloaking’ where separate web pages are dished out to online users and search engines.

It must be pointed out here that we do not support or practice any illegitimate ways of improving the search engine ranking of your websites.

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