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Website Image Optimization Services

Make the Visual Connection

There is no denying the fact that an image can speak more opulently than words. A good image on the banner of your website will make an immediate impact on how the online user perceives your website. If the image hits the right notes with the users, they will surf through your website with greater attention and tolerance. The catch here is that the images must not affect the search engine optimization of the website. Heavy images take a lot of time to upload. That frustrates online users. They close the tab and move on to other websites. That defeats the entire purpose of SEO services.

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Image optimization services helps you leverage more than just aesthetic value from the images on your website. The sense of appeal is for the online users. To impress the search engine crawlers, our SEO service team makes sure that the images are properly stitched to the website. Our website designers shy away from images that slow down the website. Such images also affect the search engine rankings adversely. Because our SEO services campaign is designed to bring online users to the website, we do not want them to be repelled because of heavy images.

Here are some image optimization services pointers that we follow:

  • Feed relevant keywords to the backend of the image. This helps the crawlers to find your website easily and rank them favorably
  • Ensure that a primary keyword is inserted in the text that goes with the image. This improves the chances of the search engines recognizing and valuing your images
  • Make optimum use of the alt tags that come with the images in the HTML codes. The basic purpose of the alt tag is to describe the necessity of the image. Our content writers make this opportunity count
  • Steer clear of using too many images and graphics on the website. They decrease the loading time of the website
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