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On a skeletal level, one can talk about robots.txt as a simple text file that is inserted into the root directory of the website. A robots.txt file is not even an HTML code. The purpose of this file is to enable the search engine crawlers to find out which web pages they need to index and which to avoid. In simpler terms, the webmaster of the website can determine which web pages are more important for the search engines to index. Usually the printable versions of web pages are excluded from this list. The trick is to insert the robots.txt file without making an error. You need our professional experts in robots.txt modification services to get the job done.

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Because of the choice provided by robots.txt file, the webmasters have the option of allowing only the more important pages to be indexed by the crawlers of search engines. Robots.txt files make it easier for the crawlers and also offer a unique advantage to the web pages that are slotted to be indexed. We can also mention the location of the Yahoo sitemap or the Google .xml. The advantage of doing this is the search engines can find your website easily when their spiders are crawling for information. With the help of robots.txt, you can prevent search engines from indexing your page while you are making changes to the website.


Here are some of the advantages of using robots.txt modification services:

  • Convenient for search engines to discover and index your important web pages with greater ease. The higher your ranking on the search engines, the better will be the flow of online traffic
  • Choose the more relevant and important web pages in your website and get them to be indexed by search engines with the help of the robots.txt file. With this advantage, the website can get better leverage in terms of search engine rankings
  • Make changes or tweak website by turning off the robots.txt file. Search engines will not rank your website till you are ready with it.
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