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Site Audit Services

Site Audit Services

Review Your Website for Greater Mileage

Creating and launching a website is just half the task done. No website will stand the test of time if it is abandoned to fend for itself. As an online marketer and brand, you have to review and evaluate your website on a regular basis. The findings of these analyses will help you make subtle and broad changes to the website so that you keep pace with the competition, along with the changing trends of online business. Our site audit services do exactly that! The SEO experts on our team check your website time and again for malaises and fix them to keep the website healthy.

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There are various aspects of a website that come under the scanner of our site audit services. The SEO services executives check if the website is properly optimized with the most relevant keywords, if the website is attracting the right kind of online visitors and if the website contains all the features that these visitors are looking for. Our site audit services checks through to find out the navigation of the inner web pages. We also take a sharp and incisive look at the websites of your competitors to point out areas where you need to build up. Increasing the conversion of visitors into customers is another aspect that we lay stress on.

Everyone says “Free site analysis report” ! Can anyone tell me what to do with those huge data and statistics! I am confused to draw any definite decision from all those scattered data, numbers and stats! 

7Boats helps you to figure out concrete business decision and to-do actions from all those data and stats. By our effective reverse analysis and web consulting services you can visualize a bigger in-depth picture. Pin point your problem areas, strengthen your strong points and make actionable to-do list with ease.

Here are some reasons why you need our site audit services:

  • Our SEO team puts your website under a magnifying glass to single out the chinks that can undo all the hard work that you are putting in to build up a successful online marketing campaign
  • SEO-friendly analyses of your website to prepare it thoroughly for the needs and demands of search engine crawlers and algorithms. Because the site audit services is handled by SEO experts, they are keen on checking that your website is making the right moves from the search engine perspective
  • Experts in web designing, development and content strategy comprise the site audit team. As a result, they are able to conduct an examination of your website that covers the entire range of features.
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Our Website Audit Services