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Google analytics services

Google Analytics Setup Service

Keep Track of Your Progress

To be successful in any business venture, you have to track your progress at every step. The same logic applies to the Internet. Setting up and launching a website is not the entire task; you have to keep measuring your success or the lack of it. Google provides some statistics that will help you understand the performance of your website and put your online campaigns in a certain perspective. Our web experts will help you with Google Analytics Setup so that your website is able to track the online visitors coming in, their navigation route in your website, their geographical location and many other salient details.

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You may ask why you need Google Analytics Setup. The answer is simple. The statistics provided by Google will be able to guide you on building up a better website. Google Analytics will tell you which of your web pages are more popular than the others. You can find out if the content or the web designing is repelling online users. Some statistics, like Average Time and Bounce Rate, help you to study the trends and online behavior of your targeted consumers. You can also conduct geo-specific online marketing by analyzing which countries are generating more online traffic for your website. Google Analytics is like a sentinel on your website.

These are some of the aspects we cover in our Google Analytics Setup:

  • A comprehensive and detailed setup of Google Analytics on your main and associate websites to track online traffic. Our experts set up accounts that you can access at any point of time and check for data
  • Proper and professional installation of Google Analytics on your website. Leave this task to our professionals. Wrong installations will increase the uploading time of your website
  • Advanced tracking options to understand the little details that make a big difference on the Internet. Our experts can explain the finer nuances of these statistics so that you can exploit them for maximum benefit.
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