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Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide – How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers

by | Updated on: Aug 29, 2023 | Digital Marketing 101 | 12 comments

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video marketing tips
Video Marketing Tips, YouTube marketing guide

Video marketing is a powerful tool for engaging customers, building brand awareness, and driving sales. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of video marketing

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Killer Video marketing tips & YouTube Marketing Guide

The impact of what we visualize and hear is much more than what we read and that’s why video marketing has become a great tool of marketing for the businesses. The one thing that helps the businesses to reach their customers is the marketing and the internet marketing is the way of this era.

Almost all businesses use online marketing methods to make sure that they leave a great impact on the customers and that’s exactly where the marketing with video has become a great tool. Presenting and explaining themselves is the way that these businesses take to get more customers and improve fast. It has become one of the most efficient ways to take the products to the potential customers and make an impact on them.

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Understanding Video Marketing

Video marketing involves using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.

Why Video Marketing Matters

Videos are more engaging than text and can convey complex information in an easy-to-understand way. They also have a higher retention rate compared to text-based content. Moreover, search engines love videos, making them a great SEO tool.

Types of Video Marketing

There are several types of video marketing, including:

  • Explainer Videos: These videos explain how your product or service works.
  • Brand Videos: These videos are used to build brand awareness.
  • Demo Videos: These videos show your product or service in action.
  • Customer Testimonial Videos: These videos feature satisfied customers sharing their experiences.
  • Educational or How-To Videos: These videos teach your audience something new or build foundational knowledge

Video Marketing Strategy

Like any other marketing campaign, video marketing requires a strategy. Here are some steps to create one:

  • Identify Your Goals: What do you want to achieve with video marketing? This could be increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or boosting sales.
  • Understand Your Audience: Who are you trying to reach? Understanding your audience will help you create content that resonates with them.
  • Create Engaging Content: The success of your video marketing campaign largely depends on the quality of your content. It should be informative, entertaining, and engaging.
  • Choose the Right Platform: Different platforms cater to different demographics. Choose the platform that best suits your target audience.
  • Measure Success: Use analytics to track the success of your video marketing campaign. This will help you understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Creating a Video

Creating a video involves several steps:

  • Pre-production: This includes scriptwriting, storyboarding, and arranging all the logistics for the shoot.
  • Production: This is the actual shooting of the video.
  • Post-production: This involves editing the video, adding music, sound effects, and more.

Distributing Your Video

Once your video is ready, it’s time to distribute it. You can share your video on social media platforms, email newsletters, and even on your own website. Be sure to optimize your video for SEO to maximize its visibility.

Measuring Success

Finally, measure the success of your video marketing campaign. Look at metrics like views, shares, comments, and conversion rates. These will give you insights into how well your video is performing and where improvements can be made.

A New and Important Content Marketing Tool – The Video Infographic

A New and Important Content Marketing Tool The Video Infographic
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 1

The presentation is the most important thing when it comes to reaching your customers with video distribution strategies. The one thing that you need to make sure that your presentation is creative and unique so that it comes with a long lasting effect on the viewer. A video for marketing should come with texts, images, sound effects, video effects and narration if possible.

You need to create an impact on the viewer’s senses so that he or she thinks of trying your product. You have to make sure that all the image and sound effects come in time and give the video something special to attract customers. Use your resources well to make sure that you have the best video possible for marketing your business services and products. Upload your videos on the video sharing sites and your social media pages to make sure that it reaches the masses.

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The search engine optimization has become a very important tool for the marketing purposes and the recent search engine comes with video SEO too. That means, the search engines look for names on the videos online and having the right keyword on your video title helps you to have a good rank in the search engine result pages.

The video marketing becomes more effective when you use the keyword with intelligence. When people look for a product or service that you provide then your video must come on top of the result page and keyword is the only tool for that. The search engine must find your video with the keyword that has been search by the potential customers. Use video marketing keyword tactics in a way that can attract people with the video title too.

Infographic: Online Video as a Marketing Tool

Creating a video for marketing can only be effective when done by a professional. If you know how to create a video with effects and narration then you can do it yourself or else you must hire a professional team. The video marketing services are offered by many online marketing firms. They are skillful and have the experience to create a video for you that can work best for your business. You will be able to reach valuable clients with these videos and increase your business with more loyal customers.

Youtube Infographic

Youtube video marketing infographic
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 2

Video: An Influencer in The Purchase Decision of 55% Consumers

Google hints at the huge prospect of video marketing that is going to bear fruit for most types of businesses. In most cases, people refer to video content for better credibility in collecting information. However, the biggest benefit that the brands gain from online viewing is lasting impression on the mind of prospective customers.

There are mainly three different ways in which, online videos influence buyers.

How do online videos influence buyers?

  1. Video as a Shopping List: Watching a video can create a wonderful checklist in your mind for buying goods. For example, a tutorial or work video helps you remembering all products or ingredients required to complete a task.
  2. Confidence for Buying Decision: As a new buyer, you get a chance to have an insight into the work process of a particular machine, repair or operation. Confidence is the key that triggers the buying decision.
  3. Video Reviews: Video reviews have a huge impact on the mind of prospective customers. People often refer to vlogs, YouTube and other sites for credible video reviews that influence buying decision.

Google suggests that marketers should focus on YouTube marketing. Influencer videos create an effective mix of information and persuasion that helps selling a product effectively. The tent making kit that you are planning to buy for last four years can finally be yours, if the video reviews of a particular brand can convince you about its quality.

The moment a user visits YouTube for a video review, they realise that there are many others, who are looking for similar information. Getting introduced to a group of people with similar interest helps you in getting enriched with knowledge about a particular product or action related to it.

It is not that only the video reviews work in favor of the product’s sale. AT the same point, other sorts of campaigning might go on simultaneously. Still, nobody can deny the value of videos in the purchase decision of a large group of consumers.

Video Marketing Statistics

  • 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day
  • 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined
  • Marketers who use video receive 41% more web traffic from search than non-users
  • 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI
  • video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year and achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness.
  • 80% of people prefer brands that tell stories as part of their marketing

Videos that You Really Need for your Website for Video Marketing

video marketing
Types of videos for video marketing

In the ideal world of internet marketing, you are flushed with the number of options when it comes to the kind of videos that you can use to promote and market your brand via video marketing. Due to technical reasons and availability of funds, it might not be possible for you to touch upon all of these genres of videos, but it pays for you to know about them so that you can invest in them according to the need of the hour.

Product Videos

This is the most basic and effective among the types of videos that you can use. As evident from the name, the video is expected to showcase your products in the best possible light. It has to highlight the salient features of your products along with its USP and other finer points. You must also point out the reasons why your product is ahead of the competition curve.

How-To Videos

These kinds of videos are essential for those selling a kind of service. The how-to videos are supposed to teach the viewer the process by which you provide the service and also how they can do it themselves. If the use of your product is a little complicated than what meets the eye, you can use how-to videos to explain things to your viewers.

Thought Leadership Videos

To produce this kind of videos, you need cutting-edge expertise. You need to have the kind of authority that comes from the leader of the industry. If you do not have a following online, you might stay away from thought leadership videos. The basis of these videos to throw out ideas which are path-breaking for other to follow your lead. A thought leadership video will fall flat without authority over the subject matter and a command over the business domain as industry leader.

News Videos

These videos are more like press releases in a video format. The idea is to put the word out about new product launches and updates about your brand’s activities. News videos have to be promoted in all earnest because without real time traffic, they die their natural death. Try to broaden the theme of your news videos to make them more acceptable even after a certain period of time.

Types of Marketing Videos that work

  1. Demo Videos
  2. Brand Videos
  3. Event Videos
  4. Expert Interviews
  5. Educational Videos
  6. Inspirational Videos
  7. Entertaining Videos
  8. How To Videos
  9. Explainer Videos
  10. Animated Videos
  11. Case study Videos
  12. Live Videos
  13. 360 Degree & VR (Virtual Reality) Videos
  14. AR (Augmented Reality) Videos
  15. Personalized Messages
  16. Vlogs
  17. Behind the scene videos
  18. Customer Reviews

How to make your videos – Video Marketing Strategies

  1. Plan your video.
  2. Script your video.
  3. Understand and use your cameras.
  4. Set up your studio.
  5. Prepare your talent.
  6. Shoot for the edit.
  7. Organize your footage.
  8. Edit your video.
  9. Choose your music.
  10. Record your voice over.

Best Channels for Hosting Videos

  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Wistia
  4. Brightcove

Best Video Marketing tools

  1. Vidyard
  2. Animoto
  3. Powtoon
  4. VideoScribe
  5. ViewBix
  6. WeVideo
  7. Magisto
  8. Vyond
  9. Wirecast
  10. Facebook Live
  11. YouTube Studio
  12. Audacity
  13. Final Cut Pro
  14. AVS Video Editor
  15. OBS
  16. iMovie
  17. Toonly

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Video Marketing Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Instagram

Video Marketing Checklist

  • Competitive Research
  • Selection of topics
  • Great script & content
  • Use of right video making tool
  • Use of subtitles & captions
  • Annotations
  • Team up with Influencers
  • Do SEO for Video Title & Descriptions
  • Share & reshare on social media & native upload on various channels
  • Select Right Target audience & run video ads to it’s fullest potential
  • Measurement of key metrics & Re-optimize & Experiment.

Success Strategies for Video Marketing

  • Create Stories and do not keep sales oriented approach
  • Create the first impression in first few seconds by interesting thumbnails and content hook
  • Target relevant audience on Facebook & Instagram
  • Keep focus on video with & without sound so that people understand it easily.
  • Include Call To Actions
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Focus on Video SEO

Video Content & SEO Strategy

Video content plays a very important role in online marketing. This article will tell you why video content is healthy and what should be the SEO strategy.

SEO strategy-video content
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 3

We know how search engine ranking depends on unique content. And I’m pretty sure your business website already has some well-written pages, especially with the Panda updates looming around. Unfortunately, many well-made websites overlook the significance of media-rich content even though they are much more interesting to watch. Besides, media-rich content are one of the best engaging factors for the web visitors.

Thus, it is highly recommended to create and deploy media-rich content on your company’s website. They even play a great role in your SEO strategy. The most common use is to optimize video content related to your business in your website as well as YouTube channels. However, make sure the video content is searcher-friendly. It helps to boost your search engine rankings. Easier said than done, optimizing video content for better search ranking needs to follow a few best practices.

To begin with, make sure you are using a high quality video footage. In addition, the quality of the video must be at par with the entire website as well as other media accounts. Keywords too are important, just like any other SEO content. In fact, for marketing video you need to optimize them with proper keywords in order to strengthen their online visibility. Again, you must be very cautious not to overuse it, as it will result in reducing the quality of the video content.

Next comes adjusting the sitemap of your business website while you are adding a new video footage. In case you fail to add the new video footage to your website’s sitemap, it will surely lead to numerous SEO errors. In general, the video content will be indexed and linked automatically as soon as you upload the footage to your website. However, it is highly recommended to alter your sitemap manually for the new content.

Another important aspect of marketing video content is having SEO-friendly video URLs. The SEO guidelines for any other general web page are also applicable to video content. Videos embedded on your site must have clean and SEO-friendly URLs. Also, include the video format file extension such as .WMV, .FLV, and .AVI relevant to your video. You should even embed the videos properly and avoid the browser pop-ups. This will help the search engine bots to find the video object easily as they crawl the page.

Placing a highly optimized video strategically on YouTube as well as on other social media sites helps businesses to go viral in the digital sphere. It helps businesses to improve their online presence, by boosting the company’s SEO efforts.

How Video Ranks differ on Google and YouTube

Dabbu Uncle (Dancing Uncle Viral Video)

A study conducted by RankRanger on ranking of videos on Google and YouTube found them to be different. This came as a surprise to many because YouTube is a property of Google and it was generally believed that their video ranks will be the same. But it is not so. How are they different in terms of ranking algorithm?

Let’s find out!

On YouTube, videos are usually ranked according to popularity among users. Make note of the fact that sometimes these videos may not contain the exact keywords you have used! The reason why YouTube uses this system is that they want to offer an impeccable user experience. Sometimes, the length of a video is also a factor. YouTube is mainly about popularity, while Google shows a preference for shorter videos when it ranks.

So, that’s one metric of Google’s ranking of videos. There are others as well, like the fact that Google has the tendency to prefer web pages that may offer a more precise answer to the query put forward by the searcher. The reason is that Google makes a steady attempt always to please the maximum number of users. And users have multiple intents for conducting searches. As a result, these factors keep affecting the algorithm.

Another factor has to be the geographic location of the searcher. Videos with origin and content closer home goes higher up the ranking, something that does not happen on YouTube.

Digital marketers need to consider these differences while promoting and marketing videos on these platforms.

Video Marketing: Why to Bother; How to Prosper

Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 4

Video marketing is the ‘in’ thing today in the internet-marketing domain. Just a couple of years ago, videos were still not very popular because it took time to upload and consumed expensive internet bandwidth. In the times of better internet connectivity and less stiff bills, videos are on view instantly now. That is the main reason why internet-marketing companies are making a beeline for videos to display products and services. Are you thinking on the same lines? Here are some pointers to get you thinking:

  • Videos featuring products and services will comprise 67% of internet traffic in 2017, according to Cisco. It is 57% now!
  • The most popular video site online, YouTube, gets the insider’s benefit being part of the Google stable. The algorithms of Google are, of course, stacked in favor of YouTube videos.
  • YouTube is second to Facebook only in terms of unique views per month. Got the hint?

You cannot pounce into the world of internet videos simply because you have got some statistics rolled up in your favor. Other than doing it, you also have to do it right. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Fix a goal that the video will try to achieve. Generalized goals are not very convincing, either to your online marketing team, or to consumers to view your video. Your focus can be products and services or simply, brand building. Go for specifics in order to make the impact of the video stronger and more effective.
  • Target your videos well. As an online marketer, you must know your consumer’s demographic details. Channelize your videos in those platforms for the right people to view them.
  • Never leave videos ending on a flat note. Videos must incite and excite people. There has to be a strong call for action. You have to urge people into a certain territory. The language of motion pictures is more than that of words. Make that advantage count.
  • Do not leave the relationship open. Close it by inviting people to your Facebook page or subscribing to your brand’s newsletter. Online leads count for much in the long haul. You can utilize videos to generate those precious leads.

YouTube Video Genres that Work

You need to develop that kind of YouTube video which best suits your brand and your requirement. Here in the post are more popular genres of YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Genres that Work

There are several online marketing companies that are still dragging their feet when it comes to YouTube. The common saying that applies to these companies is that they don’t really know if they need YouTube and even if they do, what kind of videos are they going to post.

To answer the first question: yes, you need YouTube videos for a variety of reasons. YouTube will help you in reaching out to a wider network of online users who do not like to read web content. It will also help your brand in the process of SEO.

Now, coming to the trickier second question! YouTube videos can be of various genres. You need to develop the kind of video that best suits your brand and your requirement. Among the more popular genres of YouTube videos are:

How To

These are known as ‘how to’ videos because they explain in detail about a process involving your product or service. For example, if you are selling engine oil, you can explain in a ‘how to’ video how consumers can change their engine oil themselves without engaging the services of a professional. ‘How to’ videos are very popular on YouTube because of the do-it-yourself factor.

The most popular medium for video advertising is definitely TV, but YouTube is fast catching up! With YouTube, you can upload an ad without paying through your nose, like you have to do for TV. No buying air slots or hiring equipment to get an ad done. You need that entrepreneur spirit and some basic video shooting and editing skills to get a YouTube ad video up.


Selling concepts cannot come in easier format than YouTube. You don’t have to spend a bomb for your experimentation with your brand concepts. All you have to do is upload it on YouTube and ask for feedback. You will get an avalanche of opinions that you will find not just revealing, but a learning curve as well.


If you have a heart-wrenching story about your brand, YouTube will provide you with the machinery to relay it to the world! YouTube videos go viral at the very hint of a human story. Millions of users share and watch these YouTube videos and make your brand an overnight sensation!

YouTube marketing guide, YouTube marketing tips

For Admin:

Creator Studio


Custom URL: (You need minimum 100 subscribers and channel age at least 30 days)

How to create Subscription link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/name-of-channel?sub_confirmation=1

Add ?sub_confirmation=1 at end of your channel url to get subscription link

Channel Art size (2560 X 1440)

Key areas of YouTube Marketing


Best practices for youtube marketing –
Understanding your audience
Quantitative insights

Access your Analytics for quantitative insights of your channel and your audience’s behavior. This includes your view counts, average watch time, revenues generated, and interaction rate across videos.

Get valuable information about your subscribers’ demographics

Even if you think you know it all, it’s suggested to pay close attention to the demographics tab. This data will help you move beyond assumptions and feel confident that you’re reaching the right audience.

Qualitative insights

Comments under videos, Community

Check all these from your YouTube studio link: https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCXcMt4eRT5zIWc1rKuEsXYA

Research your competition
  • Browse your competitors’ YouTube channels.
  • Take note of which videos got the most and least views.
  • Watch these videos to get a sense of what kind of content your audiences like to watch (and what they don’t).
  • Use that knowledge to make your own content strategy.
  • Read the comments received on your competing videos
  • If you receive any mention / comment respond immediately to show you’re actively engaging with your audiences
  • Read competing video title & descriptions to see what keywords they’re using in their YouTube search optimization
  • Use similar ones to boost your ranking in YouTube’s search pages and recommended video feeds.
  • Important: Make sure your competitors’ ads are not served on your videos. Block this from Google’s ad manager here – https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/180609?hl=en
Learn from your favorite channels

Watch & note the best things from your favorite channels & try to implement those on your channel.

For example, a common strategy is to take pause somewhere in an interesting turn in video or in end note requesting people to like, follow & subscribe to that channel.

Upload and schedule your videos

Maintain a schedule & commit to that like a pro. You should run your show like a TV channel. So it’s suggested you make few episodes in advance & schedule them as per a fixed publishing time, else you may not be be able to grow your audience or worse, you may lose trust of your existing audience base.

Finally, optimize your channel to attract viewers, followers & subscribers
  • After optimizing your videos, optimize your channel also.
  • Write a keyword-rich channel description
  • Add an attractive, professionally designed banner (2560 x 1440 pixels, 2MB max)
  • Link your website (if any) & other social media profiles/pages
  • Add location and contact information
  • Add value to your page by adding few featured channels of other YouTubers, maybe in your niche. Giving reference to your competitor sometimes brings you benefits by forging relationship
  • Organize your videos in playlists. Make this playlist thoughtfully with natural progression from one video to the next. This increases the much desired average watch time stats on your channel. Add your own videos in playlist as well as your collaborators’ videos also and request your collaborator to similarly add your videos in their playlists.
Advertising on your YouTube channel through YT Ads & influencer marketing

And this one is optional. If you want you can run ads to show your content. You can do the following type of ads in YouTube

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Video discovery ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Outstream ads
  • Masthead ads
  • Additionally, you can work with influencers to increase popularity of your channel.

And always keep an eye on Analytics


Few tips at the end for making highly viewable YouTube videos

Follow YouTube’s video specifications

  • Recommended sizes: 426 by 240 pixels (240p), 640 by 360 pixels (360p), 854 by 480 pixels (480p), 1280 by 720 pixels (720p), 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p), 2560 by 1440 pixels (1440p) and 3840 by 2160 pixels (2160p)
  • Minimum size: 426 by 240 pixels
  • Maximum size: 3840 by 2160 pixels
  • Supported aspect ratios: 16:9 and 4:3
  • Recommended specs: .MOV, .MPEG4, MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, or WebM
  • Maximum file size: 128 GB
  • Maximum length: 12 hours long
  • Invest in some good recording equipment
  • Grab attention in first 15 seconds – generate curiosity, prompt engagement by asking question, set expectations with a summary at the beginning
  • Make video keeping mobile in mind
  • Make longer videos
  • Schedule & announce live-streaming events
  • Adding end screens are must to increasde average watch time of your channel


As a YouTube partner, you’ll be eligible to earn money from your videos, get creator support, and more. Learn more

To get into the YouTube Partner Program, your channel needs 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months, and 1,000 subscribers. Your channel will also get reviewed to make sure it follows YouTube monetization policies.

YouTube creator awards

It’s given in YouTube’s sole discretion.

It’s given to creators who played by the rules.

Channels are subject to review before awards are issued.


Keep your account in good standing without copyright strikes, community guideline violations, or artificially increased subscriber counts, among other criteria.

Silver Creator Award

100K Subscribers

Gold Creator Award

1 Million Subscribers

Diamond Creator Award

10 Million Subscribers


YouTube marketing tips- PDF pointers ebook downolad

YouTube Ads

Types of YouTube Ads

  • TrueView Ads -> In-Stream Ads & Video Discovery Ads (in Display ads previously)
  • Pre Roll & Mid Roll Ads[For longer than 10 mins Videos]-> (Skippable[ 12 Secs-6 mins]or Non Skippable Ads[15-20 Sec Videos])
  • Bumper Ads [Before playing video. Only 6 Sec Ads]
  • YouTube Horizontal Banner ads [ Display Ads]
  • Masthead Ads (per country per day or CPM basis)

GDN – Google Display Network

  • YouTube Search & YouTube Videos
  • Google Partner Sites
  • Google Partner Video network/Channels

Ad Campaign Setup

  1. Campaign type -> Video
  2. Campaign name & type -> Standard Video (Views, awareness & conversion) or mobile app or shopping purpose
  3. Choose video ad format (In stream or video discovery and bumper)
  4. Daily budget & delivery method -> Standard delivery
  5. Network -> YouTube search, Youtube Videos or Partner sites
  6. Location -> Include or exclude or radius targeting
  7. Language, Device & Mobile Bidding(Bid adjustment)
  8. Scheduling
  9. Ad creatives / Ad copies
  10. Bidding (Mainly CPV)
  11. Targeting


  • Keywords
  • Topics
  • Audience (Demography, Interest/ Affinity, In Market Segment)
  • Placements
  • Remarketing – [website/ youtube channels / app installs / custom list]

10 Tips for YouTube ads

  • Define goal [views, audience, branding or conversion]
  • Track low performing placements
  • Use custom thumbnails
  • Add YouTube card for CTR [ Related product videos or URL]
  • Add CTA (Call to action) 
  • End screen or End Slate
  • Video Remarketing
  • Use closed caption/Subtitles
  • Focus on first 5-15 secs
  • Optimize your channel & landing pages

Download YouTube Ads PDF guidebook

Sure-Shot Ways to Boost YouTube Subscription

Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 5

Video blogging is the next big thing on the digital marketing scene. Videos depicting every topic under the sun, most of them shot with regular cameras, even cell phone ones, are in vogue. These videos are published on the blog of the brand and shared across the social media scene. However, the place of video blogging nirvana is YouTube, the largest repository of online videos. You can create your own video channel of this platform and upload your videos.

How to increase YouTube Subscribers

Users subscribing to the channel will be able to check these videos. There is also the option of subscribing to the YouTube channel. When a user subscribes, they are able to receive feed and alerts on videos that you publish. They can tune in and watch the videos anytime. The trick is to get as many subscriptions for your video channel as you possibly can. More youtube subscriptions usually mean more eyes to watch your videos. If the video content is worth sharing or is eye-catching enough, it means more users to share them across social media networks.

It all seems very delectable. Except that you need to boost up the number of subscriptions of your official YouTube channel. There are some sure-shot ways to do that. I’m sharing some tips here that I find to be very effective in video sharing.

Tip 1 to increase youtube subscription: Knowing What Works

Ask any contemporary artist. They will tell you that it is a part of the creative process to keep an eye out on what your contemporaries are doing. This is important not just for the artist to grow but also ensure that they are not completely out of touch with what the audience wants to see. It is not imitating or looking for inspiration. It is simply knowing what works.

This is very true for YouTube videos. Pick out the videos in your domain that have clicked with the viewers. Watch and learn. The same type or genre of video cannot work irrespective of the product or service that you are trying to sell. There are differences. Find out what works for your domain. This does not necessarily mean that you create the same kind of video. To break through the clutter of online videos, you must know the composition of it. This helps you do that.

Tip 2 to increase youtube subscription: Analyze the Analytics

Now that you have an idea of the competition, look inwards. You have already published some videos online, haven’t you? Did you check through theAnalytics data on them?Check the Analytics data on the videos that you have already published. This will give you an idea of what sense the viewers have about your video.

You can learn about the way in which they have interacted with your published videos, if at all. These lessons will prove to be invaluable when you develop the next video. The idea is to tick the boxes that have worked in the past and see if you can do something about the boxes that didn’t fare so well. Once you fix these loose ends, your videos will appeal more to viewers, a sure sign that your subscriptions are slated to go up.

Tip 3 to increase youtube subscription: Add the Annotations

Videos need a strong call to action. This decides if the viewer actually subscribes to yourYouTube channelor simply bypasses the step. You need annotations to guide people towards the subscription process. It is very easy to add them. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must be creative in your exhortation message. Simply being told to do something will not cut corners.

You need to make them feel that they are doing something useful by subscribing to your channel. What is in it for them? Answer this legendary question of marketing and you’re sorted! You will find yourself adding content to the annotation that users find interesting and worth signing up for.

The Final Word

YouTube videos can boost online sales and build brands. If you have not taken the platform seriously, now is a good time to start doing it. Build up a collection of watchable, interesting videos and let them do the marketing talk for your brand.

LinkedIn Video Upload

linkedin video

Gone are the days when you could say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Today, in this multimedia and internet age, a video is worth more than anything you write as a text. It proves the popularity of video channels like YouTube and is the reason why most marketing channels are now uploading more videos to convince customers.

LinkedIn offers you a wonderful opportunity to create and upload videos on your profile. You can upload a video existing on your phone, or create one with the help of the LinkedIn app. Take note of the fact that this feature is available only on the mobile app, be it for Android or iOS. Desktops do not provide this feature on LinkedIn. In fact, if you have a video sitting on your desktop and you want to upload it on your profile, you need to transfer it to your mobile before you can do so.

Videos on LinkedIn mean you can share a small pitch about yourself, speaking in your own words. You can upload video resumes to get more attention to your CV. Graphic designers can upload samples of their animation works on the profile.

Other than this feature, there is also the added advantage of checking out video analytics. You will get info like which companies checked out your video, user profiles and the like. The better part is that you can check up the video analytics through your desktop computer, even though you cannot use them for video uploads.

This new video feature of LinkedIn is rolling out slowly and will soon reach your mobile app. Your friend may get it earlier but you won’t be far behind!

List of Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

  1. All-in-One Video Gallery
  2. Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery
  3. Envira Gallery
  4. Gallery Box
  5. GridFX
  6. Video Lessons Manager
  7. YouTube Showcase
  8. YourChannel
  9. Vimeography
  10. Huzzaz Video Gallery
  11. Huge IT Video Gallery
  12. Robo Gallery

Tips To Choose Best WordPress Video Themes

wordpress video themes
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 6

If you are an online entrepreneur, then obviously you are forced to strategize and rethink ideas thousand times a day. With different opinions, ideas, suggestions pouring in from all corners via your friends, relatives, businesses, etc., launching on to the best option would be extremely tricky. But, not to forget, no one knows your business so better than you; so, when it comes to taking decisions, go with yours rather listening to others!

Setting up a website on your own is no longer daunting as we have a fabulous and formidable CMS in the form of WordPress. You never require any exceptional coding skills or abnormal qualities to set up a website using WordPress as it is such a wonderful user-friendly open source platform. However, to make your business click and bring you fruitful gains, you yet have to opt out for some interesting additional functionality like themes, plugins, etc.

Though WordPress offers you with surplus themes to choose from, finding the best one mayn’t be that easy. You have to look down deep into a few factors to identify the best video theme that fits your business as well as bill. Video themes play a crucial part in the improvement of any business; so, find the best theme that puts forward your business prospects in an elegant and contemporary way online.

The following points would provide everyone with a deep insight on how to identify a best WordPress video theme for your online business.

WordPress Video Themes
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 7

Tip #1: Outstanding online visibility:

The first and foremost point to be accounted for while fetching a new theme for your business is the performance of the theme online. Only a high-quality theme with best color combinations and great layout has the tendency to fit the purpose of your business. Remember, though you have surplus online video themes for WordPress not all the themes have the ability to produce a magical impact on the audiences while hosted online. Pick a video theme which offers outstanding features, in addition to comprehensible extensions.

WordPress Video Themes
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 8

Tip #2: Customization:

We have reached a stage beyond which any extensions or themes without customization features will no longer be favored by any. Everyone loves to add a touch of personalization to everything they have to make it more close to his heart. So, find a video theme which is extremely customizable with ease. Most video themes come up with “custom editor” features using which the skin layers and colors of the theme can be modified easily. In addition, most themes allow you to add multiple galleries in order to make the online videos look unusually better.

WordPress Video Themes
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 9

Tip #3: Compatibility:

Check whether the theme is compatible with different browsers. Nowadays, more and number of businesses are switching over to mobile-friendly websites. So, make sure that your website works well on the mobile interfaces and screens as well. Not all the themes have these capabilities. Many themes that work better on the website offers poor visibilities on the mobile phone screens. The cross-browser feature is a must and not all themes own this feature.

WordPress Video Themes
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 10

Tip #4: Flexibility and control:

Another important feature that cannot be overlooked! Any theme with adorable features should have the flexibility to add more features and should offer the owner a thorough control over it. Ensure whether the video theme offers exotic flexibility features for adding social bookmarks, integrating videos of different formats, comprehensible SEO features, etc. Remember, pictures play a great role in the business improvements as they have the capability to crawl easily in the search engines.

WordPress Video Themes

Tip #5: Easy-to-navigate Features:

Even a great-looking theme with outstanding features will be of no use if your video theme doesn’t promise any user-friendly features. User-friendly navigation features are the solicit options that most customers look out for while navigating your website either online or offline. So, make sure that your website comes up with down-to-earth features and easy to operate.

WordPress Video Themes
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 11

Tip #6: Budget:

Go for themes that are well within your budget. It is very necessary that a video theme should come up with impressive features in order to improve business, but not a cost of investing a lot of money. Even budget proves to be crucial when it comes to establishing and improving online business. In fact, today we have numerous video themes for WordPress absolutely free of cost all over the space in the internet.

Most of the time they well suit all businesses; however, in order to add more features or enhance the existing features you may have to opt for premium themes. Not to worry! There are premium themes with scintillating features, however at very affordable pricings. So, don’t take the budget for granted as your entire business is all about money-making.

WordPress Video Themes
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 12

Tip #7: Market research:

Today we have millions of online video themes for showcasing your products and services. Before heading toward to an online shop for buying some video themes, carry out a brief stint of research. View as many themes online which are used by your relatives, friends, and competitors. This could give you a vast idea on how to choose a perfect video theme that works for your business.

WordPress Video Themes
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 13

Tip #8: Approach a reputed shop:

On planning to buy a video theme for your business, make sure that you go for the best online store that offers video themes with incredible benefits. In fact, there are numerous such shops offering high-quality video themes with plenty of freebies and discounts. Buying some products from these shops would easily help you overcome a lot of troubles related to installing and setting up the theme in your website. In fact, many online stores do offer money back guarantee if the theme doesn’t meet the needs of owners.

WordPress Video Themes
Top Video Marketing Tips, Strategies & Guide - How Video marketing helps businesses reach more customers 14

Well, whatever I have mentioned here are some common points that have to be considered while identifying a video theme for your business. Incorporate the right video theme for your business to appease the users online and to increase the sales of your business sky high. I hope the information provided in this article is useful to many.

Video Marketing Measurement Metrics

  • Video views
  • Play rate
  • Social Sharing & Comments
  • Video completions
  • Completion rate
  • Video Click Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate & Time-On-Page

In conclusion, video marketing is a potent tool in today’s digital world. With a good understanding of your goals, audience, and the type of content they enjoy, you can create effective video marketing campaigns that drive results.

Author:- Debajyoti Banerjee is the Founder, Director & CEO of Seven Boats - A leading digital marketing agency & digital marketing training institute in India since 2011. He is a TEDx Speaker, Google & LinkedIn Certified Digital Marketer & Trainer, Brand Strategist, Consultant & Entrepreneur. B. Tech in computer engineering & post graduate diploma in Marketing, Debajyoti has 18+ years of domain experience and successful track records in digital marketing services & digital marketing training with 500+ clients & 100K+ students in 165+ countries. He has been invited & felicitated by 25+ Top B Schools & universities including London Business School, AICTE ATAL FDP, UGC-HRDC, IIM Shillong, IIM ROHTAK, IIT KGP, IIT Guwahati, Calcutta University, Ranchi University, St. Xavier’s, Brainware, Techno India, JIS Group, Jaypee Group, Shikshayatan Foundation, IIEST Shibpur, Bhavan’s, ICFAI Business School, GITAM Deemed University, Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutions & many more. He has been awarded with more than 20 national awards and he has received notable media coverage. Learn more



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