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Digital Marketing Services for e-Commerce, FMCG & Retail Sectors

Digital Marketing Services for e-Commerce, FMCG & Retail Sectors
Digital Marketing Services for e-Commerce, FMCG & Retail Sectors

The future of Digital marketing is bright and there is no doubt about that. When you want a profession, another factor that you will be tagged with is the business that your firm operates. Many products and services provided by businesses typically come into the same sector. Any larger conglomerates are involved in a variety of sectors.

This assumes that your professional portfolio must include not only the technological skills (such as finance, software, marketing, product quality) required to be effective in your position, but also a knowledge of the world in which you are involved.

Although it may not be essential for you to know anything about the industry, it would definitely help if you can express a healthy and broader analysis of the specific and outer factors that influence the industry.

Here are some of the Digital marketing services that most of the sectors in the first tier cities follow and it has immensely contributed in bringing a positive change in the businesses. Most of the T1 cities has a very structural SEO for FMCG sector in India,  facebook ads for Retail companies, Content marketing for e-Commerce business in India, and so on. To understand better and know the respective services and the benefits of digital marketing in three major sectors, we prepared some important points for you.

India’s E-commerce Sector Growth Fastest Globally


The burgeoning population of India makes it a larger market of consumers every single day. It comes across as little surprise that the ecommerce sector of India is the fastest growing in the world.

In the period between 2013 and 2017, the ecommerce sector in this country has grown by a staggering 53%.

These are figures stated by the compound annual growth rate or CAGR. The consultancy firm Bain & Company has published this data. There are some obvious reasons for this growth spurt. The most common among them is the rise of the smartphone penetration. Due to an exponentially growing smartphone user base, the number of people having access to ecommerce platforms, like websites or mobile apps, is also increasing steadily.

The aggressive and exorbitant discounts offered by ecommerce sites is also a major reason why more people are choosing to buy online through ecommerce platforms. Add to these factors the aspects of convenience and plenty of options for making an informed choice and you will know why the ecommerce business is booming.

This growing market is an indicator that brands and companies which are yet to have a presence online are missing a major chunk of the profit pie. Even if you have conducted business through traditional models till date, you should always keep this option of online retail open in your mind.

Today, there are retail ecosystems comprising of buyers, sellers, payment platforms and delivery chains all functioning on one page. Due to the synergy of all of this diverse fields under the ecommerce platform, it makes sense for a business to test its options through big birds like Flipkart (now owned by Walmart) or Amazon before going solo.


To help ensure that a website is accessible on the web pages, an SEO agency will offer continuing SEO services. Other keyword analysis, blogging services, link-building projects, and other on-page optimization techniques can be used in continuous search engine optimization.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media platforms and social networks to advertise the goods and services of an organisation is social media marketing (SMM). Marketing on social media gives brands a means to attract potential consumers, connect with current customers and encourage their ideal culture, purpose or sound.

Google Ads/PPC

PPC stands for pay-per – click, an internet advertisement model in which any time one of their advertisements is clicked, and advertisers pay a fee. In turn, it is a means of purchasing visits to the site, instead of seeking to organically gain such visits.  One of the most common categories of PPC is search engine ads is Search engine advertising.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook ads is a website that provides a range of highly targeted paid ads and organic content that allow advertisers to bring their goods and services in front of a large audience.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a forum for social networks which can be used for creating brand recognition and customer relationships. Companies using LinkedIn will market to new clients and investors by sharing interactive content and participating in industry discussions.

These services along with Web analytics and other Digital marketing streams have a major contribution to various industries including E-commerce, education, entertainment, FMCG, construction, Retail, and others. However, we would like to reveal some of the important benefits of SEO for e-Commerce business in India, LinkedIn for FMCG in India, PPC for Retail sector in India and more. Since we are focusing on the T1 cities, we are going to give you the benefits of Digital Marketing in the respective industries and same for the other cities.

Digital Marketing for e-Commerce

E-commerce websites face numerous obstacles, including the fact that we live in the modern age and changing economic circumstances. With millions of retail shops, competition is fierce. It’s not a walk around the mall. In addition, users can search rates easily thanks to Google, and other search engines, compare your goods with your rivals, and determine what to purchase before they even hit your platform. This is the power of Digital Marketing.

Here are few important contributions of Digital marketing in this E-Commerce industry

  • Boosts productive visualization
  • Makes a brand mobile friendly
  • Provides cutting edge filtration
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Leverage Artificial intelligence
  • Generate productive leads
  • Personalize
  • SEO, SMM, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, ORM, Content Marketing

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Digital Marketing in Retail Sectors

A brick-and – mortar company still needs a presence online, whether or not you’re trying to digital format your product. Today, robust digital media strategies are managed by the most popular department outlets, and seeking to encourage interest from across the globe and from consumers literally next door. Online marketing in the retail industry is somewhat distinct from the few popular stores picked.

The perfect strategy to attract the customer in this sector includes:

  • Customer demographics
  • Digital marketing budget
  • Business Goals
  • Your timeline

Digital Marketing for FMCG

For advertisers globally, particularly in the FMCG sector, digital technology is changing the culture. Initiatives for each FMCG product historically rely on deciding the correct marketing combination of the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Position and Promotion) that will have the best effect on the buying choices of the intended audience. Even so, nowadays, buyers make purchasing decisions significantly and tactics aimed at influencing this phase need to change as well. Here are some important points that you may know about.

  • It helps distinguish your brand
  • It Allows You to Gain Consumer Insights and Increase ROI
  • It provides an innovative way to display your brand
  • Mobile usage is only going to grow from here

The role of the Digital Marketing for FMCG, Retail, and E-commerce is growing every day and it will be inseparable in a few years to come. An individual must decide their career goals based on the current demand in the industry and envision accordingly.

Few of our clients in eCommerce, Retail & FMCG sectors

  • RENE India
  • NDTV retail
  • Elite Shoe
  • PRAN Frooto
  • My Family Fitness Dubai
  • Creative Hands .in (Art materials supplier)
  • Ecocentricnow LLC
  • Keya Seth
  • Phoolwala.com
  • saveur-biere.com
  • i2i Optic Mauritius
  • Optissimo Mauritius
  • Tanushh Dubai
  • Femichoice.com
  • Hola Toys Australia (Holatoys.com.au)
  • Baguiati AC Market
  • Junction Mall Durgapur

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