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How Will Digital Marketing Change in the Future?


How Will Digital Marketing Change in the Future? – Like every other dynamic industry, you cannot say for sure how digital marketing will change in the future. What you can be certain about is that there will be a sea of changes happening! The proof of this is how the industry has changed in the last couple of years. With more internet connectivity and cheaper smartphones, the digital marketing sector has seen a wave of new tidings. That is certainly going to continue in the days to come.

Change 1:

There are a few changes in the digital marketing future that are written on the wall. For example, the dominance of voice searches is a foregone conclusion. Right now, stats say that 40% of adults in the US use voice searches at least once every day. Moreover, comScore predicts that in the next couple of years, 50% of searches conducted will be through voice. People prefer to use their voice rather than their fingers to access information as most of them are doing ten different things at the same time!

Change 2:

There’s another growing trend in digital marketing that you should be aware of: the use of videos. Yes, you are already using more videos than ever but you have to pull up your game here as well. Cisco tells that by the year 2021, 81% of online traffic will be through video! YouTube is already the second most popular website online. So the power of videos speaks through numbers. Add to it the falling readership of blogs, the rising rate of unopened email newsletters and failed social media engagement and you will know why videos are the next level.

Change 3:

You must have heard a lot about machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) changing the face of digital marketing in the coming years. It is true that AI will be more in use but it will only be a weapon for digital marketers. As of now, the uniqueness of digital marketers cannot be overshadowed by AI. It may be that the fringe jobs of the sector, like chat bot management or bidding will see a rise in automation but the core sector will continue to have a human face, and brain.

These are the Big Three changes that digital marketing will see in the near future. There are other smaller changes on the anvil, like the social media engagement methods or online advertising models. However, if you get the Big Three mix right, your digital marketing future planning will be sorted.

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