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Why is Digital Marketing Important?

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Why is Digital Marketing Important? To answer this question in a single line: digital marketing gives everyone a chance, no matter how big or small your company is, and where it is geographically located.

  1. The avenues of traditional marketing are available at a steep price and only companies and brands with deep pockets can afford them. With digital marketing, even a startup can compete with a multinational company on a level field. The reach of the internet, with thousands of new smartphones being sold every day on a global scale, is getting wider and deeper by the day.
  2. Digital marketing has the power to turn each of these smartphones into a shopping bag.
  3. It embraces social media networks and search engines. With the help of digital marketers, you can now tap potential customers who were outside your customer demographic circle. It may be that you didn’t know they existed as potential customers before digital marketing brought them into the mix. With this plank of marketing, you will be able to add a whole new dimension to the way you promote or sell your brand.
  4. The return on investment (ROI) is high with digital marketing as opposed to traditional and offline means of marketing. What it means is that startups and businesses with a tight budget can afford this form of marketing. This is not just for those powerful players in the arena. Every brand can start off their online marketing with the right digital marketers on their side. Moreover, the rate of conversion (the ratio of the number of customers checking out your products and services with the number of them actually buying something) is quite high in this form of marketing. With the initial investment low, the conversion rate makes it a win-win situation for brands.
  5. In the day and age of connectivity, it is very crucial that you remain connected to your brand at all times. Digital marketing helps you achieve that. With social networks and websites, people who actually buy your products and services can communicate with you, leave reviews or offer suggestions. It helps you make better products or offer better services. Similarly, it gives you an opportunity to address their concerns and resolve their problems. The whole interaction comes together to make it excellent for brand reputation. In fact, brand building is a critical by-product of effective and targeted digital marketing.
  6. In the days to come, digital marketing will get a larger share of the marketing pie so the sooner you adopt and adapt, the better it will be for your brand or company.