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Website Planning and Creation is an important part in digital marketing course. So this is the module where we would teach you how to start your own website with all your understanding of Digital Marketing.

This course would be initiated with with the concept of domain and how to book that. After that we would explain what DCP & name server is all about. After doing that the web hosting & type of web hosting like (Shared,VPS,Dedicated,Cloud) would be elaborated. Now the concept of Softaculous automatic script would be explained. After that the differentiation of various platforms like CMS,Wordpress, Joomla, Majento etc would be shared.

We would share the concept of WordPress Theme & Backend, WordPress tutorial resources, Design & content best practices, Maintenance and Security, E-commerce Concept, FTP Concept, Server Error Code etc in this chapter.

So the key learning from this chapter are:-

  • What is domain & how to book it?
  • What is DCP & name server? What is web hosting & type(Shared,VPS,Dedicated,Cloud)
  • Softaculous automatic script
  • WordPress, Joomla, Majento etc
  • WordPress Theme & Backend Design & content best practices
  • Maintenance and Security,
  • E-commerce Concept, FTP Concept
  • Server Error Code

So through this course you would be able to create a website by yourself in CMS platform and optimize the website through our digital marketing expertise.

Course Curriculum

How to select domain names 00:10:00
How to select domain names
Domain Control Panel 00:15:00
What is a domain control panel?
cPanel & FTP
Anatomy of Cpanel, Web Hosting and Types 00:30:00
The purpose of developing a website is to allow online viewers to view it. That can be done when you store your website files and folders in computers that are known as web servers. These servers hold numerous websites. When a user searches for a website contained in the server, the internet connects to the server and pulls out the corresponding website.
Filezilla & FTP Concept 00:20:00
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Since the start of the internet, it has been used to transfer data from one end to another.
Softaculous Auto Script and about CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento 00:25:00
CMS stands for Content Management System. Simply put, as the name suggests, it is a system that helps you manage the content of a website. There are two components of CMS: Content Management Application or CMA and Content Delivery Application of CDA.
WordPress Theme and Backend 00:20:00
WordPress is the frontrunner in content management systems mainly because it is easy to develop blogs and websites that are vibrant and attractive. Themes play a major role in controlling the general visual appeal of a web page. This is a department where WordPress scores over others, mainly because it has a varied number of themes and layouts.
WordPress Maintenance and Security 00:20:00
It is a wrong approach to consider maintenance of WordPress as a burden. This work is as important as developing a WordPress page in the first place. Without proper maintenance, all the hard work that you put into developing the page will be undone. Pages are liable to get slow, attract spam and get into glitches and bugs with use. There may be a wide range of files and folders that have crept into your WordPress page without being called for. All of these issues can be kept at bay if you regularly maintain your WordPress page.
Web Design and Content best practices 00:40:00
WordPress designing is one area where web designers have an opportunity to create a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. WordPress offers many themes, both default and custom made. With the help of these themes, web designers can come up with a web page or blog that is beneficial for the brand or business.
Ecommerce concept 00:30:00
Ecommerce stands for all kinds of business transactions conducted over the internet. With the internet bringing manufacturers, sellers and buyers on the same page in an inexpensive and convenient manner, they can hold a business transaction online.
How to transfer wordpress from sub folder to root folder under same domain 00:15:00
Practice Site
Practice WordPress Website 01:00:00
Wordpress website for practising.

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