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Why is content writing important for SEO?

content writing in SEO

Effective content is the be all and end all of great search engine optimization. No major SEO agency would venture at an optimization of your website unless it has strong content to back it up with.

Proper SEO content writing is an action that would allow the content to rank higher for the search of certain related keywords. The keywords should be used strategically in the title and then repeated in the write-up body, considering the optimum use of it for effective optimization of the page.

You can focus on 4 important reasons why content writing is important for a successful SEO process.

  1. Search engine optimization requires strategic use of keywords/ search terms: Despite all the big efforts made to rank a web page higher, keywords still matter a lot. The ranking of content not only depends on the use of a keyword, but also on proper use of its alternative. Strategic planning is important to choose the right keyword or select the right alternative for it. It is very difficult to satiate Google with the right keywords without using content.
  2. Social validation depends a lot upon quality: The only way to gain social validation through the right means is by having great quality content in place. It takes a lot of time and a huge amount to gain social validation otherwise. Your content must deliver value. Attempting at connecting people to it through social media is a valuable idea for better engagement. By sharing your link on their Timeline, they reassure social validation of your page. Then Google considers the page for effective social validation and better SEO ranks.
  3. Quality back links generated through quality content: Quality back links establish a proper form of social validation. However, there is no need to resort to social networking sites to acquire them. You do not need to pay any money to a site-owner for gaining back-link. Your sites might be rewarded with quality back links in appreciation of the site content.
  4. Ranking depends on ‘Search Task Accomplishment’: Google is working on an algorithm that will find out whether the page offers the exact information that a searcher looks for or not. If the purpose is served thoroughly, the ranks of that page will start improving. The real purpose of a query can never be satisfied without adding content to the page.

There was a time when webs masters attempted at gaining good ranks without much content on the website. However, that is not going to work anymore. These days, it has become very important to focus on the content of a site for better ranking. If you have a couple of more ideas on why content is important for better ranks of a site, share your opinion on our comment section.

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