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What is the Definition of Digital Marketing?

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Very simply put, digital marketing refers to any form of marketing which involves a digital medium and is conducted over digital devices. Since that digital medium is primarily the internet and the devices are computers, smartphones and tablets, the marketing is done online. You will find that many refer to digital marketing by other names like online marketing and internet marketing. Digital marketing differs from the traditional form of marketing in the fact that there is no offline work done in the former. Everything happens over the internet.

Digital marketing is a form of marketing which can be called the great leveler. A startup or even a company with a very-curtailed marketing budget can make a big splash with the help of digital marketing. In the traditional form of marketing, companies and brands had to splurge a lot of money to get the kind of attention that they wanted. Potential customers could not be tapped without going really huge and wide with the marketing and promotion. However, with digital marketing, you can reach a global audience with your brand of products and services. Also, it will not demand much of financial resources to achieve that.

There are many sections within the framework of digital marketing. All of these sections contribute toward the bigger umbrella of digital marketing. There is content marketing which focus on the promotion of published content containing information that you want your target audience to read or watch. There is social media marketing which works on tapping social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. The idea is to promote products and services where your customers may be spending leisure time online. Social media marketing is also useful in getting access to user data that is invaluable in marketing.

Other sections include email marketing where emails and newsletters are used to promote and marketing brands. Even a division like online reputation management falls under the purview of digital marketing. As the internet is a fully democratic medium, giving a voice to anyone with an internet connection, people express their opinions freely. Sometimes customers are unhappy and pour out their grievances online. That may put off potential buyers. Online reputation management teams work on resolving issues that can cause damage to the perception of your brand.

Advertising is a key component of digital marketing. It can be free or paid. Affiliate marketing, native marketing and marketing automation are some other terms that you will hear in the context of digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization or SEO takes a pivotal role in this form of marketing where content is promoted and marketed on search engines, especially Google. Brands can decide to engage all of these sections in their digital marketing initiatives or pick and choose what suits their needs. A professional digital marketer can guide you on what’s best for your brand, depending upon the goals you want to attain.

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