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What Digital Marketing Includes

digital marketing is helpful for small businesses

The first thing about digital marketing that you should know is that its boundaries are quite blurred. By definition itself, digital marketing refers to any form of marketing conducted through digital means. The definition is so broad as to include every activity that markets or promotes products and services with the help of digital devices like computers, tablets and mobile phones. You should know that by virtue of this definition and the nature of digital marketing, there are multiple flanks present.

So what are the angles included in digital marketing? Here are some of the marketing aspects which definitely form the core, and fringes, of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO was once the bedrock of digital marketing. Though it has been overshadowed a little by more targeted digital marketing methods, SEO still remains a dominant force. In this mode, search engines like Google and Bing are used to market products. The keywords or phrases used by searchers on search engine boxes trigger algorithms that pull up web pages with relevant content. SEO experts try to optimize their web pages for these keywords so that searchers come across their pages. That is the first step of generating leads online through SEO.

Social Media Marketing is now on the digital marketing initiatives of every brand, big and small. In this mode, social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are used to reach out to customer groups. Users of these social media networks put up a lot of personal information on their profiles, including their likes and dislikes. Customer groups are prepared by demographic research for targeted social media marketing. Social media is also where brands can engage with users to resolve their grievances and complaints.

Online advertising is a key ingredient of digital marketing. This can be paid or free. Advertising can happen over search engines and social media networks. It can also be in the form of classifieds. Like the traditional form of advertising where you put up adverts at places visited or seen by your target consumer groups, the same happens in digital marketer. PPC or Pay Per Click is another model of digital advertising where revenue is generated according to clicks made on visible adverts.

Email marketing is also a component of digital marketing. Additionally, digital marketing includes the designing and development of websites. Without a proper website, online marketing attempts will fall flat. In fact, you have to build a secure and safe website because most websites these days have an ecommerce division. This is where customers buy products after paying online. So their payment details have to be safe. All of this comes under the ambit of digital marketing. Moreover, online reputation management is another aspect of this mode of marketing where brands try to protect their branding through various online activities.

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