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Why Digital Marketing is Essential Investment

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There is an old saying marketing circles that you must have heard: “Go where the customers are.” This is the reason why traditional forms of marketing relied on newspapers, billboards, radio and TV. These are the platforms where people kept their eyes on. The crux of marketing is to be visible to your targeted customers. If your marketing message doesn’t reach the customers, there is no point in creating and launching them. However, the dynamics of marketing have changed since.

How many people on the roads do you see glancing up at billboards or reading newspapers on their daily commute? How many people in your personal circle of friends and family watch TV or listen to the radio? They are all glued to their smartphones, tablets and computers. There is little point in marketing on platforms which customers are not viewing anymore. Moreover, those media were costly and had plenty of wastage, which in turn meant low returns on investment (ROI). Digital marketing is the perfect antidote for this kind of situation.

With people checking their smartphones every waking second, you can reach them through social media marketing or SEO or even email marketing. With many of them working through the day on computers, websites are a perfect place for your marketing message. That is why more companies are willing to invest in digital marketing. The situation has turned in favour of digital marketing drastically. Even a couple of years back, companies had the customary website and social media profile but no active measures to use them for marketing. The scenario is totally different now.

Companies are not just getting in-house teams but also increasing their marketing budgets. They are helped by the fact that ROI through digital marketing is much higher than the traditional forms of marketing which they had been using till date. So you are getting more work done with a lesser sum of money. Additionally, the format of digital marketing is such that there are no geographical boundaries. You can sell your products to people across the globe. You don’t have to spend a fortune to grab international brand coverage. Just a laptop with a smart digital marketer is all you need!

Most digital marketing pundits feel that the main reason why companies are hiking up their budget allocation in this segment is the response they are getting from their targeted audience. Digital marketing means like social media marketing gives you an instant feedback on how your marketing messages are doing. You don’t have to wait a long time to gauge the response, only to realize that the campaign has failed! In digital marketing, you can test the waters as you take the campaign forward, tweaking things along the way according to the audience reaction. That ensures that you don’t waste resources and yet reach audiences with a better marketing message. The targeting of audiences and consumer demographics is much precise here.

It is for these reasons that all companies around the globe are increasing their investments on digital marketing.

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