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11 Most Amazing Benefits of Digital Marketing Career

by | Updated on: Aug 22, 2023 | Career Guides, Digital Marketing 101 | 2 comments

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Amazing benefits of digital marketing career
Benefits of digital marketing career

Whether you are looking for a job or figuring out new business opportunities, you can get every information on the internet nowadays. With the increasing use of smartphones and seamless availability of internet data, digital marketing became the most dominant marketing method across the globe.  In this post, we will discuss about the great benefits of digital marketing career.

According to recent data, around 4.5 billion people use the internet, and it’s more than half of the total population of the world. Therefore, digital marketing became the most popular and cost effective marketing ways for businesses as well as marketers. 

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Businesses and brands can reach their specific group of potential customers at the preferred time and place. However, the features of digital marketing are becoming more and more updated day by day that can reap the highest levels of marketing benefits in the most possible ways. 

Professionals who have started careers in digital marketing, usually enjoy diverse types of benefits. If you are interested in making a career in the digital marketing industry, in this guide you will learn the most amazing benefits of a digital marketing career in the coming future. 

Before we get started with the benefits of a digital marketing career in India as well as across the globe, it’s important to know – what is digital marketing and how does it work? 

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What is Digital Marketing and How Does It Work? 

Digital marketing is an internet marketing process to market any product or service to its potential consumers using different types of online channels such as websites, social media, and emails. The fundamental aim of digital marketing is the same as traditional marketing, where the mediums used to promote the business messages are different.

More specifically, digital marketing is a set of marketing techniques leveraging digital technologies. Technologies made marketing faster and more efficient. 

Businesses and brands use different types of digital marketing strategies like email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, and search engine marketing (SEM) to name a few, to promote their brand messages to the existing and potential new customers. 

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries with around a 14 % growth rate annually in recent times. This fast-paced growth of online trading has forced businesses and brands to shift from traditional to online channels. 

Brands have recognized the benefits of digital marketing and shifted their marketing methods to reap the benefits. Hence, employment opportunities in the entire digital marketing industry have significantly risen. Diverse types of industries reported over 20 lakh vacancies in several digital marketing positions alone in the year 2021. 

Now, you have understood that there is a high demand for digital marketing professionals in almost all businesses and brands. Keep on reading to know the benefits of a digital marketing career .

Since digital marketing careers have a huge number of benefits, it’s necessarily not possible to discuss all the benefits in a single discussion. Nevertheless, I’m trying to cover the most important and popular digital marketing career benefits here. 

Let’s deep dive into the benefits. 

11 Most Amazing Benefits of Digital Marketing Career

Here is a list of 11 reasons that will help you determine why you should consider learning digital marketing skills. 

Fast-paced growing industry 

With the increasing scenario of internet dependency in daily lives, digital marketing became one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The extreme targeting features of digital marketing enable businesses and brands to reach potential customers more specifically and efficiently. Predictable ROI combined with proven strategies help businesses create secure and result-oriented campaigns. 

According to reliable data, the online economy is growing around ten times faster than the offline economy. Brands that are engaged in online trading are likely to produce double job opportunities compared to offline brands. Companies are becoming more dependent on online marketing to reap revenue faster. However, the high demand for digital marketers will create more opportunities for new professionals as well as experts. 

No specific educational qualification required 

Digital marketing is a set of skills that combine marketing principles with the latest technologies. To learn these skills, there is no requirement of any specific educational background. 

There are several degrees available with digital marketing specializations, you will need to fulfill the eligibility criteria in case you want to pursue a degree course. But a large number of training institutes offer skill-based digital marketing courses that don’t have any education barrier. 

If you are extremely interested in learning digital marketing skills, you can pursue any skill-based digital marketing course. Your academic qualification holds very little or no importance. But your learning attitude, communication, creativity, and analyzing skills matter a lot. 

High-income careers 

Since almost every industry requires digital marketing experts nowadays, there is a high demand for digital marketing professionals in diverse industries. But the number of qualified professionals who can actually do things efficiently is very low. As a result, the salaries of digital marketing jobs are higher compared to other jobs. 

If you can hold some globally valuable certificates along with practical hands-on expertise, you will be able to demand a lucrative salary even at the entry-level of your career. Only you will need to prove your competency with some practical projects. 

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Tremendous demand for digital marketers 

The use of the internet in purchasing products and services is increasing day by day. People are more hung out in online marketing than conventional. In these circumstances, businesses and brands are finding themselves forced to transform their marketing methods from conventional marketing to digital marketing. 

In fact, the outrageous demand of digital marketers surpassed the supply of digital marketers. Studies showed that almost half of the total vacancies are now demanding digital marketing skills. Hence, learning an in-demand digital marketing skill will never hurt you in your entire career.  

Multiple career paths 

Digital marketing is an umbrella term and it has many specific areas. Learning digital marketing skills helps you gain expertise on multiple sets of skills instead of just one skill. Therefore, digital marketing offers multiple career paths including social media manager, search engine marketing specialist, search engine optimization specialist, content marketing manager, analytics manager, and many more

No matter if you are a working professional who wants to shift your career, a fresher or job seeker who wants to get a quick job, or a housewife who wants to work from home, you will obviously be able to figure out some lucrative options in the digital marketing field. The multiple sets of career paths in digital marketing help people to create primary as well as secondary sources of income. 

Better job safety

There are very few careers that are believed as recession-proof and digital marketing skills are one of them. If you are eager to make a recession-proof career and increase your job safety, you should definitely consider learning digital marketing skills

Online transactions are rapidly increasing and people are likely to be more dependent on the internet in the coming future. The online trading system will continue and the demand for digital marketing professionals will never end. Therefore, the digital marketing industry will be updated and advanced in the coming future instead of only surviving.   

Freelancing opportunities 

If you are a person who typically feels bored on a 9 to 5 job and wants to make a freedom career model, then digital marketing offers you a variety of freelancing business options. You can start a freelancing business and offer project-based digital marketing services to multiple types of customers. 

According to recent data, the average income of a digital marketing freelancer in India is around INR 20 lakh per annum. As per the current PayPal report, about 23 percent of freelancers earn on average INR 60 lakh per annum. By adopting a digital marketing freelance career you can work from your comfort place as per your choice, you just need a laptop and internet connection. 

Business opportunities

If you are passionate about digital entrepreneurship and want to set up your own business, it’s worth learning digital marketing skills for you. Since the digital marketing industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, you can consider starting a digital marketing company for yourself. Or, you can start any business and leverage digital marketing strategies to promote your business or brand. 

Learning digital marketing skills enables you to reap the maximum revenue from your business faster. As a digital marketing expert, you will be able to handle all your digital campaign hassles including research, planning, executing, and measuring results in the most cost-effective manner.    

Industry shifting facility

Digital marketing jobs provide shifting facilities to professionals. Digital marketing experts are in high demand in almost every industry including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, fashion, retails, manufacturing, to name a few. However, if you want to shift your industry, a digital marketing career can give you the freedom to shift. 

You can explore diverse industries in your digital marketing career. But keep in mind that you should explore several industries for finding your best fit in the initial stage of your career, then you should remain in the same industry to increase your competency as well as your demand and earnings.  

Diverse work cultures  

In a digital marketing career, you will find yourself surrounded by diverse types of work culture. As digital marketers need to connect with all the other parts of an industry, it’s a great opportunity to learn the other work cultures as well as individuals. 

Diverse work cultures help to learn many working habits and techniques that may help improve creativity, productivity, and skills. Besides, diverse work cultures often open new opportunities to grow in both aspects professionally and personally. 

Easy to start 

Unlike other traditional careers that require a long period of time to get started including the studying of a degree and gathering experience to create a portfolio, digital marketing skills are comparatively easy to learn and you can get started a career in a very short period of time by doing some practical projects.  But obviously to become an expert and to differentiate yourself from others/competition, you need to learn really good and work hard. There are top free digital marketing certification courses available.

Since digital marketing is in high demand, you don’t need to wait for a long time to get started. Besides, it has multiple ways of earning opportunities that may help you earn while you are learning the skills. 

Most in-demand digital marketing skills

Final words 

As digital transformation continues at a rapid pace, digital marketing careers are trending with huge opportunities nowadays. This is the high time to get started with a digital marketing career to dominate the digital world in the coming future. 

However, to become a successful professional in the digital marketing field, you will need proper guidance and a proven learning structure. 

Fortunately, we have an international standard digital marketing course that can help you build a digital marketing career within a short span of time. Our highly sought-after expert trainers follow a proven learning structure that helps students, job seekers, professionals, housewives, and business owners to master the skills easily. 

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Author:- Debajyoti Banerjee is the Founder, Director & CEO of Seven Boats - A leading digital marketing agency & digital marketing training institute in India since 2011. He is a TEDx Speaker, Google & LinkedIn Certified Digital Marketer & Trainer, Brand Strategist, Consultant & Entrepreneur. B. Tech in computer engineering & post graduate diploma in Marketing, Debajyoti has 18+ years of domain experience and successful track records in digital marketing services & digital marketing training with 500+ clients & 100K+ students in 165+ countries. He has been invited & felicitated by 25+ Top B Schools & universities including London Business School, AICTE ATAL FDP, UGC-HRDC, IIM Shillong, IIM ROHTAK, IIT KGP, IIT Guwahati, Calcutta University, Ranchi University, St. Xavier’s, Brainware, Techno India, JIS Group, Jaypee Group, Shikshayatan Foundation, IIEST Shibpur, Bhavan’s, ICFAI Business School, GITAM Deemed University, Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutions & many more. He has been awarded with more than 20 national awards and he has received notable media coverage. Learn more




    Thanks for the in-depth article explaining every career option after completing the digital marketing course. One of the significant advantages of learning digital marketing is that you can work for any company located in any part of the world from your home. After covid, these alone can be the deciding factor for choosing digital marketing as their career choice. I think digital marketing will be the career of choice for many upcoming college graduates shortly.

    • Debajyoti Banerjee

      Thank you Sunil. Yes indeed. Digital marketing is a very high-in-demand career choice now.


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