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Top 30+ professional courses after 12th in India – Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce, Science & Arts

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Top professional courses after 12th Science, Arts & Commerce

Which courses after 12th to pursue?

Her 12th exam is over. Like every Indian student, she is confused – “which course should I choose after 12th? – Should I select a traditional course or a professional course? – Which field would be the best fit for me for making a bright future? 

Once she passes 12th, she has to finalize her career option where she can enjoy her work as well as make a good living. 

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This is the most confusing situation Indian high school students face in their career. Don’t be crazy, just relax. Think simply, in your 12th standard, you have already chosen your group such as Arts, Commerce, or Science, according to your interest. 

An Art stream student can pursue further studies in humanities, media, art, tourism, fashion, management, and journalism

A Commerce stream student can pursue further studies in finance, economics, accounts, banking, law, statistics, business administration, advertising and PR, hospitality, and international trade

A PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Math) science student can pursue further studies in technology, architecture, engineering, pharmacy, and all art fields. 

A PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) science student can pursue further studies in pharmacy, medical, research and development, microbiology, biotechnology, nursing, oceanography, agriculture, allied health sciences, and all art fields. 

But, of course, you have some options to change your field of higher studies if you decide to change. 

A variety of professional courses are available after the 12th to make a good career in India. Here I’m discussing a few professional courses that can make your future significantly bright.

But before we get started, I would like to introduce you to a new concept of skill-based professional courses. In the current age of globalization, giant companies like Google, Facebook are giving much more importance to skills than traditional degrees. 

Therefore, many skill-based professional courses have been introduced over recent years. Students are getting much better opportunities in skill-based professional courses than many traditional degrees. 

However, I’ve divided this guide into 2 parts – 

  • Skill-based professional courses. 
  • Degree-based traditional courses.  
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Skill-Based Professional Courses VS Degree-Based Traditional Courses 

Many skill-based professional courses might help students get high-income jobs. The best thing in skill-based professional courses is that there are no eligibility barriers such as age bar, qualification, etc. for learning these skills. Anyone who has a burning desire to learn can opt for these courses and develop his/her skills. 

In recent years, big MNCs have shown more preference in skills than degrees. Companies are looking for experts on specific and specialized skills rather than degree holders. Additionally, it’s very easy to focus on a specific skill and make a career. 

Here, I’ll discuss only a few courses that will give you exponential growth opportunities rather than only jobs.

Top skill-based professional courses after 12th in India   

Digital marketing

As we are living in the age of the digital world, digital marketing is an extensively growing field. Digital marketing has changed the entire advertising and marketing industry. It’s simply marketing, branding, and advertising using the advancement of technology. This field is an interface of marketing and digital skills.

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Digital marketing is an ocean and consists of many facets including content marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, among many others. The best part of digital marketing is every facet could give you a specialized lucrative career option.  

Many Institutes offer digital marketing courses with flexible learning options. You can opt for an online digital marketing course to learn at your own pace or a face to face digital marketing classroom training.  

If you’re looking for versatile earning opportunities in a single field, digital marketing could be the best fit for you. But before joining any digital marketing training institute, make sure you choose a genuine training institute that has a great track record of after-training support. 

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Copywriting is evergreen and one of the highest sought-after skills. The most common form of copywriting is writing ad copies. Other forms of copywriting include writing email copies, press releases, video scripts, and more. Copywriting is a combination of creativity and utility. 

Copywriting has been in demand for centuries. And in the digital field nowadays, copywriting became more crucial than ever. No matter which type of content you need, it’s video content, or a blog article, you must require a copywriter. 

If you’re interested to step into an incredible career of creativity, then you should obviously check out copywriting. You can opt for a copywriting training course to learn the skill in detail.  

Graphic design

Graphic design is also an essential skill every industry requires nowadays. Graphic designers are always in demand. It’s the most common form of visual communication and involves various patterns like photography, typography, and illustration. 

Graphic design is a creative field. You can use your graphic design skills to offer your designing services to others, or you can use them for your own personal and business requirements. 

You can learn graphic design easily by simply taking online graphic design courses or graphic design classroom training

Emerging Technology courses

Emerging tech courses – AI / NLP/ chatbot/ machine learning , cyber security, blockchain, data analytics/data science , video editing , Digital Story telling, Cloud server / Amazon AWS, Ecommerce & Drop shipping courses etc.

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to intelligence displayed by machines, unlike human intelligence, which includes emotionality and consciousness. Typically, the term “artificial intelligence” is used to explain machines that mimic human “cognitive” activities like “learning” and “problem-solving”. 

An AI professional can be involved with a variety of job roles including software developers, computer scientists, manufacturing engineers, surgical technicians, architects to name a few. You can pursue a specific AI program or find an AI specialization from within major degrees such as graphic design, health informatics, and computer science. 

Machine learning (ML)

Machine learning is a process of data analysis that can automatically build models based on analytics. It’s a subset of artificial intelligence based on the concept that machines can learn from data, recognize patterns and make decisions with minimal human interventions. 

Nowadays, machine learning is widely used in several sectors such as health care, transportation, oil and gas, retail, financial services, among others. A variety of machine learning courses are offered by diverse types of institutes including self-learning options. 

Natural Language Processing or NLP 

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a subset of AI (artificial intelligence) and useful for analyzing and retrieving unstructured data and public opinions which is very beneficial to many businesses. 

NLP devices such as Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated assistant are getting more popular day by day. While tech companies want to make devices or computers that can understand and analyze human languages, they need NLP professionals. NLP professionals broadly deal with academic tasks such as mathematics, deep learning, and research as part of their daily tasks. 

Chatbot marketing 

Chatbot marketing is a way of promoting products or services using an automated Chatbot – a computer application that can interact with visitors by a predetermined conversational scenario or with the help of artificial intelligence. Chatbot acts as a virtual assistant while used on messaging apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger or added to any website. 

Chatbot marketing is a new trend in the marketing industry and almost every brand wants to use chatbot marketing in recent days. A variety of lucrative career opportunities can be opted by students. Job roles in chatbot marketing include chatbot builder, chatbot designer, conversational researcher, conversational optimizer, chatbot marketer, and many more.  

You can check here: ChatBot marketing course

Cyber security 

Cyber security is the implementation of technologies to protect systems, servers, devices, programs, and data from any type of malicious cyber-attacks. The term can be divided into a variety of categories like network security, information security, application security, operational security, and more. 

There are several cyber security courses available including security manager, security specialist, and incident responder. Depending on the industry you choose, whether it is government bodies, retailers, or banks, your job role includes a wide range of responsibilities in internet security concerns. 


Blockchain is a process of recording information in such a way that makes it hard or impossible to hack, cheat, or change the data. 

Blockchain development is a rapidly rising field in the developers market. A professional career in blockchain technology offers multiple career options including blockchain project manager, blockchain quality controller, blockchain architects, and more.  

Data science or data analytics 

Data science is an idea used to handle big data and includes data analysis, data cleansing, and data preparation. Data scientists gather data from different sources and apply predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, and machine learning to extract important information from the gathered data sets. 

Skilled data scientists and data analysts are in high demand globally. Because of the high demand and low supply of professionals who can truly do the job efficiently, data professionals command a huge salary even at the starting level. 

Video editing 

Video editing is a set of skills that enables you to alter and arrange video shots for creating a cohesive structure. Video editors often get chances to work in industries like television production, digital education, news broadcasting, and many more. 

Video editing can be a high-income career for the right people. To make a video editing career, you should focus on learning practical skills rather than theory. In-depth knowledge of the latest editing software and equipment is also essential. 

Digital storytelling 

Digital storytelling refers to a simple and creative process by which people gain skills needed to tell a story as a very short film using predominantly images and voiceovers. Then, these storytelling films can be streamed on the web or broadcast in the media. 

Digital storytelling is a trending field nowadays. It encompasses a variety of job roles including creative director, editorial program manager, creative designer, associate creative director, social media specialist, and many more. 

Cloud server 

A cloud server is a centralized server resource that is hosted over the internet network and accessed on demand by multiple users. A cloud server is able to perform all the same functions as a physical server such as delivering processing power, applications, and storage. 

Cloud computing is one of the trending technologies with a high demand for expert professionals. Job profiles in cloud computing include cloud developers, cloud security specialists, solutions architects, among others.  

Amazon AWS 

AWS refers to Amazon Web Services which is a reliable and secure cloud service platform. It offers database storage, content delivery, computer power, and other functionalities to help brands grow and scale. 

As AWS is one of the top cloud services, it’s a good career option for cloud computing aspirants. AWS certifications are some of the most valuable certifications in the IT field as well as in the IT job market with high-paying salaries. 


AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality) are technologies that interface real world and virtual components. These technologies are getting more and more important as well as popularity each day. 

Every segment such as gaming, manufacturing, healthcare, or education is using these innovative technologies nowadays. Job roles include software engineer, design architect, 3D artist, system validator and more.  

Game development

Game development is the art of making games and describes the development, design, and release. It may include concept generating, designing, building, testing, and releasing. A game developer might be a sound designer, programmer, an artist among others. 

Game development is a great career option for students who are passionate about making games. Job roles include game designer, game programmer, game animator, interpreters and translators, and more.

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Top degree-based professional courses after 12th in India 

Best Professional Courses after 12th Science in India  

For PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Math) Students 

Computer science and engineering (CSE)

Computer science and engineering is a fast-paced growing discipline in engineering. Students with a career interest in information technology and computers can opt for this course. This course covers all the information related to computational processes. Working opportunities for CSE students include networking, programming, software development, database management, and many more. 

Available courses in India – degree and diploma. 

Duration – 4 years and 3 years. 

Electronics and communication engineering (ECE) 

Electronics and communication engineering is one of the rapidly growing branches of engineering in India. ECE is a combination of advanced-level software applications and chip-level hardware of electronic devices. ECE engineers get a variety of job opportunities in the software and telecom industries. 

Available courses in India – degree and diploma.  

Duration – 4 years and 3 years. 

Aeronautical engineering 

Aeronautical engineering is one of the highest-paid engineering branches. In this field, students learn about the mechanism of bullet trains, air shuttles, airplanes, and others. Jobs are offered by aviation testing, research, and manufacturing industries. Government sectors, as well as private sectors, recruit aeronautical engineers from time to time. 

Available courses in India – diploma and degree. 

Duration – 3 years and 4 years.  


Biotechnology is an interface of biology and technology mainly focused on the research and development of medicine and agriculture. Candidates may work in several fields such as medicine development, pollution control, animal and husbandry industry, etc. 

Available courses in India – diploma and degree. 

Duration – 3 years and 4 years. 

Food technology 

Food technology is also a fast-growing and highly sought-after branch in the field of engineering and technology. Students learn everything about food processing like manufacturing, packaging, preservation, etc. Job opportunities include quality controller, production manager, food inspector, and many more. 

Available courses in India – diploma and degree. 

Duration – 3 years and 4years. 

Agricultural engineering 

Agricultural engineering is also in high demand in India. As India is an agriculture-based country, there’s a huge opportunity in agriculture. The role of an agricultural engineer is to develop agriculture with the use of technology. Students learn about farming equipment and machineries. 

Available courses in India – degree. 

Duration – 4 years. 

Textile engineering 

Textile engineering is an all-time in-demand field in India. Students learn about textile materials, fiber design, apparel design, textile machinery, waste management, and more. As textile contributes approximately 14 % of total industries in India, students get huge opportunities. 

Available courses in India – diploma and degree. 

Duration – 3 years and 4 years.   

Computer application

Computer application is an indispensable field nowadays. Computers are required in medical, education, banking, industries, and everywhere. Computer application involves the development of software applications, testing, execution, and more. 

Available courses in India – degree (Bachelor of Computer Application – BCA).

Duration – 3 years. 

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For PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) Students 

Modern medicine – MBBS 

MBBS is the most demanded medical graduation degree. MBBS refers to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Students with a special interest to serve people may join this course. Students learn about anatomy, physiology, pathology, medicine, biochemistry, surgery, and many more. Working areas include hospitals, health care organizations, nursing homes, and so on. 

Courses available – degree. 

Duration – 5.5 years with a 1-year internship 

Dental science – BDS

BDS refers to Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This is the only professional course in the dental medicine field in India. BDS is the 2nd largest in-demand medical degree in India. Students learn about dental problems, dental treatments, dental surgery, etc. Working areas include hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical industries, and more. 

Courses available in India – degree 

Duration – 5 years with a 1-year internship 

Homeopathic medicine – BHMS 

BHMS refers to Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. It’s a medical graduation course in homeopathic science. Students learn everything about the human body, diseases, treatments, surgeries, etc. Working zones include hospitals, clinics, homeopathic pharmaceutical industries, and so forth. 

Courses available in India – degree 

Duration – 5.5 years with a 1-year internship program. 

Ayurvedic medicine – BAMS 

BAMS refers to Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. It’s a medical graduation degree in ancient Ayurveda science. Ayurvedic medicine science is gradually growing day by day in India. Working areas are hospitals, clinics, ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, etc. 

Courses available in India – degree. 

Duration – 5.5 years with a 1-year internship program.  

Unani medicine – BUMS 

BUMS refers to Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery. It’s a medical graduation degree in Unani science. This course involves almost all medical subjects like BAMS with slight differences in medicine parts. Working areas include Unani hospitals, clinics, Unani and homeopathic pharmaceutical industries, etc. 

Course available in India – degree.

Duration – 5.5 years with a 1-year internship program 

Natural medicine – BNYS 

BNYS refers to Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science. It’s also a medical graduation in naturopathy and yoga science. This is a rapidly rising medical field in India over recent years. Now it’s approved by the Ayush, Govt. of India. Students learn about drugless treatment processes like natural medicines, herbs, food supplements, and more. 

Course available in India – degree. 

Duration – 5.5 years with a 1-year internship program. 


Nursing is an evergreen and holy profession. Nursing professionals are parts of the healthcare industries. Nursing students learn about cure methods, nursing techniques, assisting emergencies, and more. Nurses work with other medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, and health care organizations. 

Course available in India – degree. 

Duration – 4 years and 3 years depending on category.   

Medical lab technology 

The whole health care industry depended on labs. Medical lab technology is always in demand. Students of medical lab technology learn about microbiology, lab instruments, medical tests and analysis, reporting techniques, and many more related to medical science. 

Courses available in India – degree, and diploma. 

Duration – 3 years and 1 year.  


Physiotherapy contributes to the dept. of PMR (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) in a hospital. It’s a drugless therapeutic process that helps to restore the normal functionality of a patient. The philosophy of physiotherapy is to rehabilitate temporary disability by physical activities. Working areas include hospitals, clinics, and other health care institutions. 

Courses available in India – degree and diploma.

Duration – 4.5 years and 2.5 years with a 6 months internship program.  

Occupational therapy 

Occupational therapy is similar to physiotherapy but helps to rehabilitate physically and mentally challenged people. It’s a drugless therapy that helps people with special needs to make their life enable. Professional fields for occupational therapists include hospitals, clinics, and other health organizations. 

Courses available in India – degree and diploma.  

Duration – 3 years and 2 years.  


Pharmacy is also a great field for science students. Students learn every parameter associated with drugs and medicines such as pharmaceutical chemistry, drug development, the indication of drugs, contraindications of drugs, formulations, quality control, and many more. There’s a high demand for qualified pharmacists in pharmaceutical industries, medical colleges, and hospitals. 

Course available in India – degree and diploma.  

Duration – 4 years and 2 years.

Nutrition and Dietetics 

The nutrition and dietetics field has been rising significantly over recent years. With the increasing situation of lifestyle disorders, food modification is the only choice for prevention. There’s a huge requirement for qualified nutritionists and dieticians in hospitals and other health care organizations. 

Course available in India – degree and diploma. 

Duration – 3 years for both.   

Best Professional Courses after 12th Commerce in India  

CA (Chartered Accountant)

Chartered Accountancy is the most popular and all-time sought-after professional field for commerce students. Every business needs a CA. Hence, the demand is always high. A CA performs core financial activities of a business like account management, costing, tax management, auditing, among other tasks. 

Courses available in India – degree. 

Duration – 5 years.  

CS (Company Secretary)

A company secretary is mainly a corporate professional course that’s focused to deal with the legal parameters of any business. It consists of 3 levels – foundation, executive, and professional. A company secretary looks after all legal aspects including consultation, evaluation, record management, and tax returns. The students from Arts and Science streams can also pursue this course. 

Courses available in India – degree.

Duration – 3 years with a 8 months, 9 months, or 15 months internship program. 

Mass communication 

With the growing circumstances of the digital world, mass communication is increasing rapidly nowadays. It covers the areas of advertisements, journalism, Public relations, media, and films. 

Courses available in India category – degree and diploma.

Duration – 3 years and 1 year. 


BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a business-based professional course. In this course, students learn about the fundamentals of business and complete business processes. Job scopes are available in business organizations, corporates, IT fields, and management firms. 

Courses available in India – degree. 

Duration – 3 years. 

Best Professional Courses after 12th Arts in India 

Animation and multimedia

Animation and multimedia is a popular field for Art stream students. It requires skills as well as creativity. There’s a high demand for animation and multimedia professionals in film industries, advertising agencies, media houses, and cartoon industries. 

Courses available in India – degree and diploma. 

Duration – 3 years and 1 year. 


Bachelor of Law or LLB is the only degree course available in the legal education field in India. Students of this course learn everything related to law and constitution. After completing this course you can start a private practice in a court, be a public prosecutor, or join an organization as a legal advisor.

Courses available in India – integrated degree and degree. 

Duration – 5 years and 3 years.  

Aviation and hospitality 

Aviation and hospitality is one of the most fascinating career fields for students who love to travel. Mostly, girls are interested in this course. In this course, students learn customer handling, travel and tourism, the basics of aircraft, and many more. Many industries such as airlines, hotels offer glamorous jobs to aviation and hospitality professionals. 

Courses available in India – degree and diploma. 

Duration – 3 years and 1 year.   

Fashion technology 

Fashion technology is a growing field in the modern lifestyle. The fashion industry is always changing with the advancement of human civilization and culture. This course involves fabric, texture, design, manufacturing, and most importantly creativity. There’s a good demand for fashion professionals in the fashion industries. 

Courses available in India – degree, diploma, and certificate. 

Duration – 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year. 

I hope this article helped you get an overall idea about available professional courses after 12th in India. So, which course do you wanna opt? – Let me know in the comment section. 

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