How to Improve Ecommerce Sales using Magento Plugins

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magento pluginsMagento with its striking features and outstanding ability has inspired most e-Commerce businesses. No denying it is a wonderful platform for raising any kind of e-Commerce website with user-friendly interface and features. Magento is widely favored for its ability to improve the conversion rates and profitability. It offers exquisite facilities and flexibility for building any kind of website, with formidable security. The expandability of Magento is another factor that powers this smashing open-source platform way ahead of other platforms. So, Magento is your best fit if setting up an enterprising online business is what you long for!


Business planning:

Creating a strong online presence of your business is the ideal way to take your business forward. As increasing the clientele by bringing in more customers is quintessence of any business, adapting to particular strategy and planning is a must. The more you reach out to a wide range of audiences the more the profit you acquire! How to reach a wide range of customers using your website that too in a cost-effective way? Often business owners are confronted with this question. Magento comes out with a perfect solution to reduce all your advertisements and promotion woes. As most of you will be aware of the fact that social media rule the roost today, opting for a technique including social media sites for promoting your products would monetize for your business. Expand your e-Commerce business using the Magento social media plugins and reach out a wide range of audiences with no fuzz.

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Magento modules:

In fact, we have different types of social media plugins exclusively designed for the promotion of the products of e-Commerce business. Some of the popular Magento extensions are listed below for your view.

  • Magento facebook app
  • One step checkout
  • Follow up email
  • Social login
  • Lucky draw
  • Easy ajax cart

The above-mentioned extensions are quite useful in the improvement of sales for any ecommerce business. Let’s discuss how they help in the process of business development in the following section.


Magento facebook app:

As the name suggests, this is one of the stunning magento extensions. It is capable of creating an online store in the Facebook page quite easily. Hope everyone is aware of the fact how a “like” on the facebook page could impact your product and business! Indeed, setting up your virtual store on the Facebook page is the best way to represent your products and services in front of a huge mass of audiences. The more your products stay on the facebook page the more the traffic you experience to your site! Increase in traffic automatically leads to improvement in the sale figures.

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One step checkout:

The checkout page holds the center stage for all e-Commerce shopping carts. It is the place where the customers place orders and buy their products. Designing the entire page in a hassle-free manner would help a great deal in conversion rates. Using the one step checkout plugin, converting the leads to customers is not only simple but also effective. Reduce checkout process using this efficient plugin and increase the customer rates to a huge extent.

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Social login:

By enabling your customers to login for purchasing products using the social login accounts, you could drastically improve your conversions and sales rates. Users are hesitant toward the general sign up process and most often leave the cart for the same purpose. On providing them with an option to login to checkout page, you could easily experience more customer movement in a short period of time. It is one of the widely followed techniques most successful web owners have experienced in the recent times and it works admirably well too.

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Easy ajax cart:

Page speed while adding multiple products to the cart is a crucial factor that affects the patience and annoys customers. It has been proved most customers abandon the cart due to slow page response while adding or deleting a product. Making the entire process transparent by implementing the Easy Ajax Cart plugin is the best way to enhance the speed of the page load. Power your checkout page with some speedy access to add or delete products using this simple plugin.

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Follow up mail:

Well, online business is highly dependent on customers. The web owners have to be in touch with the customers for achieving an established and healthy customer database. Of the different ways available to stay in touch with the clients, the best and easiest way is using the extension Customer Follow up. This nifty plugin follows the customers whether he purchases something or abandons the cart due to some reasons. The customers will be notified via auto generated emails every time a new product is released or any product is upgraded, etc. by this extension as it holds the record of activities happening on the shopping cart. Even details about the discounts for any particular product will be mentioned in the mails exclusively. Adding new customers to the existing customer base becomes absolutely easy using this simple Magento extension.


Lucky draw:

It is nothing but a gift box with random gifts. The customers who purchase products from the stores will be awarded with a few gifts. There will be some credit points set against the name of each customer. The customers buying the products on the regular basis will reach the credit points at some particular stage. On reaching the set credit points, the customers will be offered some random gifts. It is an excellent technique followed by many online store owners as it benefits both the customers as well as the users. In addition, it helps the users to visit your site again and again which in turn brings you surplus profits.

All the extensions mentioned in the above article are easy-to-use. Be certain that implementing these plugins in your site would dramatically increase the online sales. The winning formula for e-Commerce is creating traffic, generating leads, converting to customers, and finally improving sales considerably. And it is not difficult to work out this formula after implementing the above-said Magento modules.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this article. Give your e-Commerce business a new dimension and convert the entire process into a money-making formula.

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