Why should marketers consider social media sponsorships?

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social media sponsorship


Social media sponsorships offer tremendous opportunities to marketers. Such a relationship can help your business endeavors in numerous ways, including the following:



Creating Awareness for Your Cause – In the average scenario, your sponsors will want you to promote them. However, in a truly mutual relationship, they could easily promote you and create awareness for your cause as well.

Enhancing Your Credibility
The more well known your sponsors are, the better it is for you. Their notoriety could work wonders for your own credibility.

Funding Your Cause –
In some cases, you may not have the funds needed to get your new campaign or concept off the ground. But if you have a good sponsor backing you up, there is a great chance that they will foot the bill for the exposure they receive.

Opening Flourishing New Revenue Streams –
Do you have a strong network of customers, prospects, and partners? If so, then a sponsor may be willing to pay you and contribute to your revenue just to be a part of it.

Finding the Right Sponsorships
Whether it is helping out with an event you are hosting or attracting new evangelists to help spread the word about your brand, this type of relationship can provide the fuel you need to enjoy a nice competitive advantage. Following are some tips on how you can secure social media sponsorships that enable you to get ahead:

Do the research.
When looking for social media sponsorships, the best thing you can do is identify brands with needs similar to your own, and track down their sponsors. A good place to start would be your favorite social network as sites like Facebook and Twitter make it pretty easy to find account holders, brand pages, and other key information. Even if a sponsor is already helping out one of your competitors, they may be willing to help you as well.

Show them you’re worth the risk.
Seeing that they are often making an investment, it is safe to say that sponsors take a gamble when partnering up with any marketer. For this reason, you will likely need to make a concerted effort to show them why you’re worth it. So if it is an event you are trying to get funded, illustrating the success of a past event and how they will benefit from coming on board for the next one could be the key to piquing their interest.

Clearly explain your needs.
You will blow your chance for a potentially prosperous social media sponsorship if your needs are either unclear or complex. From sign-up form to the funding process, every task must be as clear and simple to complete as possible. All it takes is one poorly designed or unnecessary step to blow the opportunity of a lifetime.

Social media sponsorships present marketers with an opportunity to thrive in the social realm and beyond. If your business can use a helping hand, this is something you need to take under consideration right now.

Author Bio
Francis Santos is a writer for Benchmark Email, an email marketing software company.