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At Seven Boats Academy we strongly believe that in order to excel in any stream you need get proper & detailed knowledge of the fundamentals of that topic. So the first thing we shall teach you would be the Fundamental Concepts of Digital Marketing.


With the growing demand of Online Marketing. it has become very essential for every individual to get the required expertise to stay & survive in the competitive professional arena. Everyone is in constant requirement of updating & upgrading their knowledge & skill set. This course would enhance & introduce you to the process of revenue generation through online branding,  promotion and advertisement. So through this Internet Marketing Course we shall cover all the 360° aspects of Digital Marketing.  


Though you might feel that by far you have formed an idea about internet marketing but in reality you possibly have only 30%-35% idea. So in this chapter we would initiate with introduction to what digital marketing is all about.


The next thing that we would explain is about the KPI. Then the various types Digital Marketing & Digital Marketing Mix is covered in along with practical examples.


The process of Digital Marketing is explained with formation of strategy, improvisation of plan, then the process of execution and monitoring the result. The next thing that is explained is Search Engine & how it works? The chapter is concluded with LSI method & basic HTML structure.


So to summarize the main takeaway from this chapter would be:-

  • What is Digital Marketing.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
  • Types & Process.
  • Digital Marketing Mix.
  • LSI method & basic HTML structure.


After completion of this chapter you would be able to understand and contribute to the Digital Marketing & Analytics team. You would be able to understand the required digital marketing mix & process for a particular brand.

Course Curriculum

Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Introduction to Digital MarketingFREE 00:25:00
The internet is the new-age supermarket and mall! Users are increasingly using the internet to surf, check and buy products/services online. Brick and mortar stores are taking the hit badly across the board. In such a scenario, every product seller and service provider needs to have a functional digital marketing strategy in place.
Assignment: TG30, 00:00
Key Performance Indicators 00:15:00
In the field of search engine optimization as well, there are some yardsticks that express performance or the lack of it. These indicate the performance of the SEO initiative and are known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
Assignment: KPI30, 00:00
Types of Digital Marketing 00:20:00
Various types of digital marketing
Assignment: Clickbait & Linkbait Content10, 00:00
The Noob Guide to Digital Marketing 00:30:00
The noob guide to digital marketing [infographic]
Digital Marketing Mix 00:20:00
This right recipe for digital marketing success is called the digital marketing mix.
Assignment: Digital Mix30, 00:00
Digital Marketing Process 00:15:00
The Steps in the Digital Marketing Process
Assignment: Business Audit & TG30, 00:00
How Search Engines read a website? 00:25:00
There is a distinct difference between how a human user looks at a website and how search engine crawlers see it. While human users find visuals like pictures and animation videos eye-grabbing, these mean little to search engine crawlers.
Assignment: No. of indexed pages30, 00:00
Latent Semantic Indexing 00:20:00
On a skeletal level, LSI checks for synonyms in your content that match with the title and Meta description of your web page.
Assignment: LSI30, 00:00
Business analysis 00:10:00
Understand the business before you start digital marketing!
Landing Page GuidelinesFREE 00:20:00
Landing pages are where a user reaches after clicking on an online ad or web link. It can be a Services web page or a Contact page, depending upon the choice of the online marketer.
Assignment: Landing Page Optimization30, 00:00
Top 3 Call to Action Techniques that work 00:15:00
Top 3 Call to action techniques that work the best!
Sales Messaging & Conversion rate optimization 00:20:00
How to form your sales messages, create buttons, text & choose colors for a better conversion
Anatomy of a SERP 00:40:00
When a user keys in some words in a search box, the search engine throws up some results corresponding to those words. The words used, as you know, are called keywords. The page on which these search results are displayed is known as Search Engine Result Page or SERP.
Assignment: Search Volume30, 00:00
SEO 00:15:00
SEO is officially the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which online brands and information centers ensure that their websites are visible to users, who search in search engines like Google with some words. These words are known as keywords or key phrases.
On-page SEO Factors 00:45:00
The SEO of your website depends equally on the on-page and off-page factors. On-page factors are those aspects of SEO which are visible on the surface of the website.
Google Ranking Factors 01:30:00
There are a number of factors that influence the ranking parameters of Google. We can broadly classify them into two segments: on-page and off-page.
Keyword Research 00:45:00
Keyword research is the backbone of every SEO initiative. Getting hold of the right set of keywords can take your website to the dizzying heights of success
Assignment: Keyword Analysis30, 00:00
Assignment: Keyword Research30, 00:00
Competition Analysis 00:35:00
In the field of SEO, competition plays a vital role in deciding the strategy and future plans of your own team
Assignment: Competitor Analysis30, 00:00
Secrets of Killer Blog Posts 00:20:00
Learn the secrets of killer blog post writing
Social and Brand Building Guidelines 00:40:00
Just like any other form of media, social networks can become vehicles of brand building exercises. However, just like it was mentioned in the earlier module, social media has its own set of guidelines that every brand has to follow. It offers certain advantages that no other form of media can, but brands have to use these judiciously. Social media networks can be reactionary.
Best Practices for Social Media Marketing 00:20:00
Social media networks have that edge to give brands and companies an opportunity to establish relationships with the customer. However, social media networks require some best practices. Without these, brands will fall foul not just for the users of these networks but also against the rules of the platforms.
Lead Generation & Growth Hacking 00:30:00
Lead generation & Growth hacking tips
Evaluation Test
SEO Exam 00:45:00

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