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Learn Pay per click PPC advertising. Learn Google adwords and become Google adwords certified professional. Google Adwords training course, Online mode and classroom in Kolkata. PPC/CPC, eCPC, CPA, CPV, CPM ads. Retargeting/Remarketing, Ecommerce/Shopping ads, Search ads, Display ads, Gmail ads, HTML5 Ads, Mobile ads, Video ads, Bidding strategies, Overdelivery, Budget & audience targeting, Dynamic Ads, Call Ads & more. Join today and become a Google adwords specialist with live case studies & projects.

The fifth chapter is based on the significance, planning and execution of pay per click and Google Adwords. After completing this chapter you would be able to operate the paid ad campaign.


Before getting into the details of the chapter, we familiarise the student with the basic concept of PPC & Adwords. So to start with the updated definition of PPC, CPC, PPA, CPA are explained to the students.


We have usually seen that students take great interest in understanding the bidding process. The concepts of manual bidding, automatic bidding and flexible bidding are covered under this course. Then we shall show you the various types of ads & the search or display network is also explained in this chapter. Various types of ads like, image/display, shopping, video, mobile and dynamic ads are explained with examples.


The steps of adwords are explained with practical examples like camping, ad groups, ad copy. How to choose keywords and the difference between keywords like Broad, Phrase, Exact, Negative are explained.Then the next steps of this process are, making ad extension, automation rule, quality score, policy, Image Ad Types .


Google Adwords & Analytics are very crucial for a person who wants to work in Digital Marketing Field. It is very necessary for a an Internet marketing Professional to know about this topics in details to get a leverage in the career front.


So once you have learnt these techniques the final part of this chapter would deal with the Conversion Tracking, Remarketing & Other Media Buying Techniques.


A brief about the topics covered in this chapter:-

  • Definition PPC/CPC & PPA/CPA, Google Adwords
  • Concept of Bidding
  • Analytics & Adwords.
  • Conversion Tracking,  Remarketing
  • Other Media Buying Techniques.


After completing this chapter you would be able to:-

Manage and optimize PPC campaign. Create & manage Ad Copy, Bid Prices, Cost per Conversion, Cost per Click, Keyword Research, etc. Can Help to create & implement PPC strategies like keyword research and analysis and also prepare performance reports with suggestions.

Course Curriculum

Google Adwords
Adwords Concept Pointers 00:30:00
What is Adwords 00:10:00
Learn more about Google adwords
Definition of PPC/CPC & PPA/CPA, Enhanced CPC 00:25:00
PPC or Pay per Click is an advertising channel that is used to bring in traffic to a website. These online visitors have the potential to convert into consumers. The PPC model works in tandem with Google AdWords, the online advertising wing of Google. With PPC, business owners are able to bid for keywords that their target consumers are using to search on search engines.
Types of Ad Networks: Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Mobile 00:25:00
To kick start an online advertising campaign, you have to choose a campaign type and subtype. The campaign type will determine where your advertisement is going to appear on Google’s network. The subtype will decide the settings of the ad and other options on the table. The use of these choices will enable you to customize your online ads to target specific consumer groups and leverage maximum benefit from them.
Image Ad Types 00:07:00
Type of various image ads in adwords
Bidding 00:25:00
Concept of bidding and various bidding strategies.
Quality Score 00:20:00
Google AdWords measures the relevancy and usefulness of an ad and its landing page through a Quality Score on a 10-point scale. Measured on a scale of 1 to 10, AdWords tells you how relevant your ad is for a customer who is looking for a product or service related to the keyword(s) used in the ad. It is possible for you to measure the Quality Score of any keyword that you use.
Adwords Keywords 00:25:00
Types of adwords keywords.
Broad Match Modifier 00:10:00
What is broad match modifier and how to set it up?
Ad Group & Ad Copy 00:25:00
An ad copy has the same functions online as it has offline. Its job is to highlight the USP of a brand and inform viewers about features, offers and promotional material, etc. The basic requirement of an ad copy is that it should be eye-catching and attractive. People must feel enticed to read the ad and make a click. Moreover, the ad copy must be relevant and specific.
Ad Extension 00:20:00
an ad extension is additional information provided on an ad copy by the digital marketer. This additional information can be in the form of a phone number, email id or other coordinates.
Remarketing 00:25:00
Simply put, remarketing is trying to engage a potential buyer again after your first attempt failed to yield results for whatever reason. Remarketing will help you to reach across to online visitors who have visited your website or downloaded and used an app.
Retargeting 00:10:00
Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns – Google Adwords 00:45:00
Automation Rules 00:15:00
Dimensions 00:20:00
The Dimensions tab in Google AdWords helps to bring all the different dimensions of an ad campaign on a single interface. AdWords subscribers can quickly check through all the data on various viewpoints without having to glean the data from multiple sources.
Conversion Tracking 00:25:00
A conversion is a process that changes the status of an online user into a potential customer. When an online visitor shows an interest in your brand or business by clicking on web links or subscribing to your newsletter or better buying a product or service, it is termed as conversion. The casual online visitor converts into a potential online lead.
How to setup Google Ads conversion tracking code [ new ad interface] 00:10:00
Adwords Reports & Optimization 00:15:00
Adwords reports & optimization tips
AdWords Campaign Report 00:05:00
Adwords Policy 00:15:00
Various adwords policies
Adwords Help Center 00:10:00
Adwords help center and study resources
How to create a search network only PPC campaign 00:30:00
Step by step guide to create a search network only Google Adwords PPC campaign
Google Search Ad Setup for a Tour Operator [New Ad Interface] 00:30:00
Adwords Search Ads – Concept Excel Sheet 00:30:00
Get this handy excel sheet for the key concept in brief for Google adwords search network ads.
How to create a display network only campaign 00:30:00
How to create display network only ads (GDN)
How to create video ad campaigns 00:15:00
How to create a video ad campaign in Google adwords
How to setup shopping ad campaign (With New Google Ads interface) 00:20:00
How to setup Google shopping ad campaigns
Adwords new updates May 2018 00:30:00
New updates in Google adwords as on May 2018
Google adwords new interface with 7 exclusive new features 00:15:00
How to create Gmail Ads? 00:10:00
Learn how to create gmail ads in google adwords
Google Call Only Ad Campaign Setup & Conversion Tracking [New Google Ads Interface] 00:21:00
Google Call only ad campaign setup & call conversion tracking setup - live example in Google ads new interface.
Dynamic Search Ads 00:10:00
Learn how to create dynamic search ads
Adwords Screenshots 00:30:00
Various screenshots for Google adwords dashboards and more for your ready reference.
What is Free Clicks in Adwords? 00:10:00
Learn what is called Free clicks when you see in the dimension tab of adwords
Measuring performance in Search network Ads 00:20:00
How to measure search network ad performance
Measuring Display Ad performance 00:20:00
How to measure display ad performance
Measure Video Ad Performance 00:20:00
How to measure video ad performance
Non-skippable Video Ads 00:10:00
Monitor & Optimize Your Shopping Campaign 00:30:00
Learn how to monitor & optimize shopping campaign
120 Adwords Scripts to supercharge your PPC campaign 01:00:00
Analytics and AdWords 00:20:00
Webmasters can derive maximum benefit by linking their Google Analytics account with AdWords. It will then be possible for them to track data about traffic or online sales that result from AdWords.
Useful Third Party Resources on SEM 06:40:00
Useful third party resources and videos about SEM (search engine marketing)
Other Media Buying Techniques 00:15:00
Any form of purchasing ad spaces can be termed as media buying. It can be online as well as offline.
Overdelivery in Google Adwords 00:10:00
Solved Question Answers for Adwords Fundamental 01:00:00
106 Questions You Need to Know for the Google AdWords Fundamentals Certification Exam
Solved Question Answers for Adwords Advanced Display Ads 01:00:00
88 Questions You Need to Know for the Google AdWords Advanced Display Exam
Google Adwords Exam Study Materials 04:00:00
Study material directly from Google for Adwords certification exam.
Google Adwords Exam Guide & Links 02:00:00
Google Adwords Certification Study Materials
How to create a Bumper Video Ad campaign 00:15:00
Youtube TrueView Action Form Ads 00:45:00
Universal App Campaigns: What are They, Best Practices & Setup 00:30:00
Evaluation Test
The Adwords Quiz 01:00:00
Live Online Classes
How to setup a new Google Ads account [Google Expert Account; Not Google Ad Express] 00:05:00
Google Ads Class 1 Intro and Search Ads – VM-652020 02:00:00
Google Ads Class 2-Display-Video-Ads-VM-652020 01:40:00
Google-Ads-Class 3-Shopping-Ads-VM-652020 00:40:00
Google Search Ads Set up Practical for a SAP Course 00:45:00

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