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Course Curriculum

Digital Marketing & SEO
Introduction to Digital MarketingFREE 00:25:00
The internet is the new-age supermarket and mall! Users are increasingly using the internet to surf, check and buy products/services online. Brick and mortar stores are taking the hit badly across the board. In such a scenario, every product seller and service provider needs to have a functional digital marketing strategy in place.
Assignment: TG30, 00:00
Anatomy of a SERP 00:40:00
When a user keys in some words in a search box, the search engine throws up some results corresponding to those words. The words used, as you know, are called keywords. The page on which these search results are displayed is known as Search Engine Result Page or SERP.
Assignment: Search Volume30, 00:00
Landing Page GuidelinesFREE 00:20:00
Landing pages are where a user reaches after clicking on an online ad or web link. It can be a Services web page or a Contact page, depending upon the choice of the online marketer.
Assignment: Landing Page Optimization30, 00:00
SEO Title Tags 00:15:00
The use of title tags enhances the SEO optimization of a web page. You can find title tags at the top of the internet browser page that you are using. Title tags carry out two functions, validating its name. As a title, it gives every user an idea about the content of the web page. As a tag, it gives search engine crawlers an idea about the content of the web page.
Assignment: Title & Meta Description30, 00:00
Image ALT TagsFREE 00:15:00
Did you know that the beautiful images on the website are worth nothing to search engine crawlers? Human users may see the images but for the search engine crawlers, it is just a blank area on the page. The smart way would be to optimize this seemingly blank area to the search engines. It can be done through image ALT tags.
Geo TaggingFREE 00:10:00
With the help of geo tagging, websites can offer users location-specific information like office address, nearest available stores, etc. Geo tagging is done by code automatically generated from
Assignment: Geo Tag30, 00:00
Add Ons
Misc. VideosFREE 00:45:00
Recorded Live Webinars
Free Webinars on Digital Marketing by Debajyoti BanerjeeFREE 03:00:00
Free Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, meeting recordings and Webinars on Digital Marketing
Content Writing
How to get killer content ideas 00:15:00
How to get killer content ideas
Secrets of Killer Blog Posts 00:20:00
Learn the secrets of killer blog post writing
Writing inspirational newsletter 00:05:00
Writing inspirational newsletters
Domain & FTP
Domain Control Panel 00:15:00
What is a domain control panel?
Filezilla & FTP Concept 00:20:00
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Since the start of the internet, it has been used to transfer data from one end to another.
Content Marketing
21 Rules of Content Marketing 00:15:00
21 new rules of content marketing
Social Media Marketing
How to Set Preferred page audience for brand page – Facebook 00:05:00
Social Media Marketing – Goals & ObjectivesFREE 00:04:00
Social Media Marketing Plan: How toFREE 00:04:00
Social Media Content idea generationFREE 00:04:00
Hash TagsFREE 00:02:00
Industry based hashtags and how to find themFREE 00:03:00
Right number of hashtags for your Facebook postFREE 00:03:00
Upgrade to PRO
Upgrade to our PRO Courses 00:05:00
Refer & Earn
Refer & EarnFREE 00:03:00

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