25+ Hours Online Certification Program in Digital Marketing jointly by the George Telegraph Training Institute and Seven Boats Academy. 25 Hours online classes and 25 hours internship program.

Mode of Training: Live Instructor-led Online Classes in India & Worldwide locations / Online Self Paced Video Walk-through modules & class recordings (India & International locations) / Online or Classroom training in Kolkata, India. 

This course includes
Hours of videos

12 hours, 17 minutes

Units & Quizzes


Unlimited Lifetime access
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This 50 hours online digital marketing certification course by George Telegraph and Seven Boats consists of 25 hours online instructor-led classes (25 classes X 1 hour each) and 25 hours practical internship along with placement support.

The modules and sub-modules are given below.

Course Details

Module 1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals & Essentials

Class 1: 

Marketing Goals / Objectives 

Target Audience 

Digital Marketing Platforms / Channels

Class 2:

Content Strategy 

Marketing Techniques (Inbound & Outbound) 



Class 3:

Website / Web Structure Audit, Content Audit

Class 4:

LandingPage Audit 

Finding Competitor 

POP & POD Research & Analysis, 

Lead Funnel, 


Module 2: Search Engine Optimization

Class 5: 

Search Engine Fundamentals - How it Works 

Ranking Parameters (Webstructure, Content, Popularity) 

Advanced SEO Factors

Class 6:

What is SEO, 

Types of SEO Keyword Concept, 

LSI Keywords, 

Keyword Research

Class 7:

Onpage SEO concept, 

SEO benefits, 

SERP results and title tag, 

Onpage SEO ranking factors

Class 8:

Landing page design & Content Optimization (WordPress example)

Class 9:

Offpage SEO - Best Practices

Class 10:

Link Building from Forums 

Link Building from Microblog 

Link Building from Social Media

Module 3: Social Media Marketing

Class 11:

Social Media Marketing (Organic) - Fundamentals Facebook Page Optimization - Top Prorities

Class 12:

Social Media Content Strategy / Content Calendar Facebook Insights

Class 13:

Facebook Ads Concept, Ad Structure Facebook Awareness Ad & Consideration Ad

Class 14:

Facebook Ads Audience Targeting - Basics Facebook Business Manager Insights - Advanced Audience Targeting Techniques

Class 15:

Marketing from Facebook Profile - Advanced Features 

Promotion from LinkedIn Articles 

Social Media Mareketing from Other Social Platforms

Module 4: Google Ads

Class 16: 

Google Ads - Ads Dashboard, Concept , Overview & Reports of Ads

Class 17:

Creating Ads Targeting Audience Bidding Strategy Optimizing Ads

Class 18:

Google Search Ad

Class 19:

Google Display Ads

Class 20:

Google Video Ads

Module 5: Web Analytics

Class 21:

Google Analytics Overview & Concept How to setup

Class 22:

Understand the metrics Role assignment Report

Class 23:

Website Health Check with Google Search Central / WMT

Module 6: Email Marketing

Class 24:

Email Marketing

Module 7: Online Certification Guidance

Class 25: 

Certification guidance - Inbound Marketing by Hubspot

Certification guidance - Google Skillshop 

Certification guidance - Facebook

Module 8: Live Internship


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Download PDF brochure of online digital marketing course by Seven Boats & George Telegaph Institute

Course Curriculum

    • Induction Class GTTI – Seven Boats 01:35:00
    • GTTI-7boats Class-1 : Marketing Goals, TG and Channels 01:04:00
    • GTTI-7boats Class-2 Content Strategy, Marketing Techniques, Analysis 01:16:00
    • GTTI-7boats Class 3: Website and Content Audit 01:21:00
    • GTTI-7boats Class-4: Landing Page, Competitor Analysis, Conversion Optimization 01:03:00
    • GTTI-7boats Class 5: SEO Fundamentals 01:30:00
    • GTTI-7boats Class 6: SEO, Keywords 01:26:00
    • GTTI-7boats Class 7: On Page SEO 01:12:00
    • GTTI-7boats Class 8: SEO, LPO, WordPress 01:05:00
        • GTTI-7boats Class 1 PPT 00:15:00
        • GTTI-7boats Class 2 PPT 00:15:00
        • GTTI-7boats Class 3 Session note 00:15:00