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Online Marketing Analytics Course and Workshop. Marketing Intelligence Course. Learn Marketing Analytics & Marketing Intelligence.

Mode of Training: Live Instructor-led Online Classes in India & Worldwide locations / Online Self Paced Video Walk-through modules & class recordings (India & International locations) / Online or Classroom training in Kolkata, India. 

This course includes
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1 hour, 30 minutes

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Marketing Analytics Course in India [Online Self Paced or Live instructor-led online classes on Marketing Analytics & Marketing Intelligence]

Learn Marketing Analytics & Marketing Intelligence throguh real case data and in simplistinc manner. Marketing analytics course with strategic insights.  This course / workshop consists of the following modules - 

  1. Marketing Analytics - Definition & Introduction
  2. The digital first concept & why the shift is towards data driven Digital Marketing
  3. The AACRO® (Activation-Acquisition-Conversion-Retention-Optimization) model & ACC (Awareness-Consideration-Conversion) method 
  4. The ABC Concept of Web Analytics (Audience & Acquisition, Behaviour & Conversion)
  5. TG, Segmentation & Preference Measurement (Demography, Psychography, affinity/interest group, In-Market Segment analysis ) 
  6. New vs returning, Frequency, Recency & Engagement/goal conversion analysis
  7. User flow analysis
  8. Technology, browsers, mobile usage analysis
  9. Web traffic analysis (Bounce rate, Sessions, Time on Site, PV etc)
  10. Landing page & SEO analysis (Google Search console data - Keywords Ranking, Popularity, User Experience (Core web Vitals) )
  11. Heatmap & user interaction analysis
  12. Google ads insights & programmatic advertisements analysis (CTR, Impressions, Views, CPC, CPM/vCPM, CPV, CTA)
  13. Social insights & Advertisement performance analysis  (FB insights - Reach, Engagements, Like, Comments, Views & more)
  14. Email Marketing Insights
  15. Google Play Store insights
  16. Latest trends & tools (AI, AR/VR/ Voice search, Automation/Tools)

The objective & method of the marketing analytics workshop will be -

  • Understand KPIs (Key performance indicators) & management reporting
  • Understand the data and how to analyze the data
  • How to derive decision from data (Manual+ tools -> business intelligence) & apply them for better marketing / advertisement purpose
  • Case examples* - [What does it mean & what to do? ]
    • People with specific affinity group coming to your site
    • People from specific location spending time more on site
    • The bounce rate is high
    • Pageviews are low.
    • User flow is not in right path
    • Frequency vs Recency ratio is not good
    • 6 months data shows a specific pattern. How to predict future movement or alter it
    • goal conversion ratio is less. In which stage of the lead funnel the problem lies
    • Ad campaign CTR is below 1%. or vCPM is low or Ad placement not good.
    • Social engagement is high but less reach or vice versa
    • Feedback to feed forward-> What to do
    • Core web vitals failed -> How or what is needed?
    • Specific mouse hover pattern noticed by customers. What to do?
    • Strategizing new product /service launch or new pricing plan - what parameters indicate what?

Course Curriculum

    • Marketing Analytics 01:30:00
    • Marketing Analytics PPT 00:00:00


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