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Short term 30 hrs digital marketing course for JIS University by The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Seven Boats Academy.

Mode of Training: Live Instructor-led Online Classes in India & Worldwide locations / Online Self Paced Video Walk-through modules & class recordings (India & International locations) / Online or Classroom training in Kolkata, India. 

This course includes
Hours of videos

1 day, 1 hour

Units & Quizzes


Unlimited Lifetime access
Access on mobile app
Certificate of Completion

Exclusive 30 hrs digital marketing course for JIS GROUP jointly conducted by BCC&I and Seven Boats Academy.

Modules covered

Marketing Goals / Objectives

Target Audience

Digital Marketing Platforms / Channels

Content Strategy

Marketing Techniques (Inbound & Outbound)

AACRO® Model



Group Assignment Evaluation 1 (Digital Marketing Fundamentals)

Website / Web Structure Audit

Content Audit

Landing Page Audit

Finding Competitor

POP, POD Research & FAB Analysis

Group Assignment Evaluation 2 (Audit & Research)

Search Engine Fundamentals - How it Works

Ranking Parameters (Webstructure, Content, Popularity)

What is SEO, 

Types of SEO

Keyword Concept, 

LSI Keywords, 

Keyword Research

Group Assignment Evaluation 3 (Keyword Research)

Onpage SEO concept, 

SEO benefits, 

SERP results and title tag, 

Onpage SEO ranking factors

Landing page design, 

Content Writing & Content Optimization (WordPress example)

Group Assignment Evaluation 4 (Onpage SEO)

Off Page SEO - Best PracticesLink Building from Forums

Group Assignment Evaluation 5 (Offpage SEO)

Social Media Marketing (Organic) - Fundamentals

Facebook Page Optimization - Top Priorities

Social Media Content Strategy / Content Calendar

Facebook Insights

Group Assignment Evaluation 6 (Social Media Marketing)

Facebook Ads Concept, Ad Structure

Facebook Awareness Ad & Consideration Ad (Engagement Ad example)

Audience Targeting - Basics

Group Assignment Evaluation 7 (Facebook Ads)

Google Ads -Concept

Creating Ads

Targeting Audience

Bidding Strategy

Optimizing Ads

Google Search Ad

Google Display Ad


Group Assignment Evaluation 8 (Google Ads)

Conversion Rate Optimization & Retention Strategy - Best Practices

Contest, Surprise, Relation Building, Adding Values

Group Assignment Evaluation 9 (Retention Strategy)Data Analysis with Google 

Analytics -
Google analytics overview
How to set up
Understand the metrics
Role assignment

Website Health Check with Google Search Central / WMT

Group Assignment Evaluation 10 (Web Analytics)

End of Course Evaluation - Case Study Presentation

End of Course Evaluation - One-to-one Interview

In-class Evaluation - Random Quiz

Course Curriculum

    • Session Plan & Instructions 00:10:00
    • JIS-BCC&I-7boats Class 1: DMF#1 02:00:00
    • JIS-DMC-AUG-2021-Class2-AR1-14-08-2021 (2021-08-14 at 03_30 GMT-7).mp4 02:15:00
    • JIS-DMC-AUG-2021-Class3-AR2-20-08-2021 (2021-08-20 at 03_44 GMT-7) 02:09:00
    • JIS-DMC-AUG-2021-Class4-SEO1-21-08-2021 (2021-08-21 at 03_24 GMT-7) 02:14:00
    • JIS-DMC-AUG-2021-Class5-SEO2-27-08-2021 (2021-08-27 at 03_35 GMT-7).mp4 02:00:00
    • JIS-DMC-AUG-2021-Class6-SEO3-28-08-2021 (2021-08-28 at 03_35 GMT-7).mp4 02:00:00
    • JIS-DMC-AUG-2021-Class7-SMM1-10-12-2021 (2021-12-10 at 02_30 GMT-8) 02:32:00
    • SB1-BCC&I-SBA-JUL-2021-Class8-SMM1-28-08-2021 (2021-08-27 at 23_06 GMT-7).mp4 02:20:00
    • SB1-BCC&I-SBA-JUL-2021-Class9-SMM2-29-08-2021 (2021-08-28 at 23_09 GMT-7).mp4 02:23:00
    • JIS-DMC-AUG-2021-Class10-GADS1-18-12-2021 (2021-12-18 at 02_33 GMT-8) 02:03:00
    • JIS-DMC-AUG-2021-Class11-GADS2-24-12-2021 (2021-12-24 at 02_36 GMT-8) 02:03:00
      • JIS-BCC&I-7boats Reference PPTs 01:40:00


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