how can I become an affiliate marketer ?

1. Choose what you do best (writing, talking, photography, filming…)
2. Decide which niche you can target with that
3. Research where you can affiliate / affiliate programs available that can benefit from traffic you refer
4. Build your online property to attract traffic (website, blog, youtube channel)
5. Produce innovative & valuable content for your target audience
6. Build you audience gradually
7. Smartly promote affiliate offers
8. Research more for innovative content
9. Keep repeating the process

For example, to become affiliate of Amazon, join their program. Now if you write well take any niche product from their catalog which you can promote through your writing. Create your own blogging site. Produce innovative, informative content. Smartly refer those amazon products to you audience through your style of writing. You will earn referral commission from Amazon as per their policy guidelines.

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