Affiliate and SMS marketing course. Learn affiliate marketing. Make your own affiliate site and experiment with various affiliate programs to start earning. Affiliate marketing with niche blogging, coupon sites, affiliate ecommerce sites, eNewsletters, dropshipping, E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) and more.

Mode of Training: Live Instructor-led Online Classes in India & Worldwide locations / Online Self Paced Video Walk-through modules & class recordings (India & International locations) / Online or Classroom training in Kolkata, India. 

This course includes
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10 hours, 10 minutes

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Prerequisite: You should have fair knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. Also you need knowledge of blogging, making landing pages or websites, email marketing and social media.  If you are looking for advanced knowledge you can contact us for instructor-led live online training. 

Here we would share the concept of Affiliate Marketing & SMS Marketing. The basic concept of affiliate marketing deals with the way through which a particular site can  earn some commissions by allowing some product banners or links of third party website, on your website, which would help to refer users to that particular website. 

SMS marketing on the other hand is a part of Digital Marketing which would give you the scope of reaching out to even those people who are not very inclined towards online platforms.  So this chapter would start with the basic definition of affiliate marketing. Then we would explain the concepts of Affiliate Merchant & Affiliate Publisher. Next you would be able to know about the  Platforms like cj.com, sharesale.com etc.

Next, it is very essential to know about the affiliate marketing's Best Practices . Last but not the least, in affiliate marketing, you would get the Affiliate Link Cloaking.  So after providing the knowledge of affiliate marketing, now we would explain the SMS Marketing concept. To start with, the basic definition of SMS Marketing is provided. 

After that you would get to know about the SMS Gateway, TRAI Rule for SMS Marketing. In order to understand how to setup the SMS Marketing Campaign, the next aspects that we we would explain, would be Types of SMS campaign i.e (Promotional, Transactional). Obviously to run a campaign you have to understand about DND & non DND, Sender id. 

We would explain the things further with practical of SMS sending panel, report and API.  After completing this chapter, you would be able to earn on commission basis through, affiliate marketing or take freelancing / reselling works on SMS Marketing. If you are applying for a job in Digital Marketing, these expertise would act as a feather in your hat.

Course takeaways & learning

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work? 

Is Affiliate Marketing a Good Career Choice? 

How Can I Become an Affiliate Marketer? 

Choose Your Niche

Select Platforms

Choose Affiliate Programs 

Create Unique Contents

Attract Traffic 

Build an Email Asset

Link Placements 

How Affiliate Marketing Increases Your Sales

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Highest paying affiliate programs worldwide

Best affiliate programs in India

Sector-wise most profitable & best affiliate programs in India

Most Profitable Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting

Best eCommerce Affiliate Programs

Best Website Affiliate Programs

VPN Affiliate programs

Marketing platforms Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin affiliate programs

Gaming affiliate programs

Freelancing Affiliate Programs

Career affiliate programs

Matrimonial affiliate programs

Beauty, Make-up & Cosmetics affiliate programs

Fashion & Lifestyle Affiliate Programs

Travel Affiliate Programs

Health & Fitness Affiliate Programs

Education Affiliate Programs

Examples of successful Affiliate websites


MODULE 1 - Day 1 Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

  • The basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • How affiliate Marketing works
  • Affiliate Program payment methods
  • Cookies and Affiliates
  • Tiered Affiliate Marketing
  • Cross selling and up selling
  • Multi tier marketing and commissions
  • List of affiliate marketing software

MODULE 2 - Day 2 & Day 3 Affiliate Marketing Platforms

  • Affiliate marketing with Commission Junction
  • Affiliate Marketing with LInkshare
  • Affiliate Marketing with One Network Direct
  • Affiliate Marketing wit ShareASale
  • Affiliate Marketing with Plimus
  • Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Associates
  • Affiliate Marketing with Flexoffers
  • Affiliate Marketing with clickbank
  • Affiliate Marketing with Commission Soup
  • Other popular and good paying affiliate programs in india & globally
  • Affiliate Marketing with Local affiliate Programs & others

MODULE 3 - Day 4 Enrolling in an Affiliate Marketing Program

  • Signing up as an Affiliate
  • Logging into your affiliate account
  • Integrating Affiliate Links into your websites
  • Monitoring affiliate performance and tracking sales

MODULE 4 - Day 5&6 Tips and tricks to improve affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Links and how to deal with them
  • Promoting your affiliate program
  • Overcoming the challenges of affiliate marketing
  • Performing market analysis and market research
  • Market strategies Establishment
  • Affiliate Marketing and organic Search Optimization

MODULE 5 - Day 7, 8 & 9 Types of Affiliate Marketing & practical aspects to setup own affiliate site.

  • Search affiliates
  • Price comparison service website
  • Loyalty websites
  • Cause related and coupon  websites
  • Content and niche market website
  • Personal  weblogs and website syndicates
  • Email marketing  and shopping directories
  • Registration or co-registration affiliates
  • File sharing affiliates

MODULE 6 - Day 10 Setting Up affiliate Marketing Program (From Merchant POV)

  • How to attract affiliates
  • Hosting and implementing an affiliate program
  • Growing your Affiliate Numbers
  • Setting up an affiliate program
  • Affiliate network service agreement
  • Data feeds and customer returns
  • Merchants/publisher management
  • Setting up an Affiliate Marketing software
  • Affiliate program promotion and content pages
  • Screen affiliates
  • Combating affiliate fraud


  • Register to be affiliate marketers and make money from affiliate marketing

Course Curriculum

    • Affiliate Marketing 00:25:00
    • Affiliate Marketing – Platforms, Best Practices, Link Cloaking and more 00:30:00
    • Best ways to earn money online 01:00:00
    • SMS Marketing 00:20:00
    • SMS Marketing- Type, Sender ID, DND/Non DND and more 00:15:00
    • Email Marketing – Complete Guide, Definition & Types 00:45:00
    • CAN SPAM Act and Email List 00:10:00
    • Subject and Body of an Email campaign 00:15:00
    • Email Click Rate and Bounce Rate 00:10:00
    • Email Spam and Abuse 00:10:00
    • Email blacklist, whitelist, opt-in and UTM tracking 00:10:00
    • Email Campaign Delivery Checklist 00:10:00
    • Special Class DB SBA Email Marketing & Email Automation (2021-08-28 at 08_03 GMT-7).mp4 02:17:00
    • How to select domain names 00:10:00
    • Domain Control Panel 00:15:00
    • Anatomy of Cpanel, Web Hosting and Types 00:30:00
    • Filezilla & FTP Concept 00:20:00
    • Softaculous Auto Script and about CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento 00:25:00
    • WordPress Theme and Backend 00:20:00
    • WordPress Maintenance and Security 00:20:00
    • Web Design and Content best practices 00:40:00
    • Ecommerce concept 00:30:00