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Digital Marketing Services for IT, ITES & Telecom Sector – Advantages and Rewards

digital marketing services for IT, ITES and Telecom Sector
Digital Marketing services for IT, ITES & Itelecom Sector

In 2020, we are mostly cooped up inside our home – working out things remotely from our couch. The recent statistics published by We Are Social (July 2020) Report shows that more than half of the world’s population is now connected to each other via internet and telecom.

With around +2.4% rise in unique mobile users (around the world) since July 2019, the future of telecom industry seems to be better. During this period of crisis, telecom, IT and ITES were among the few industries that remained functional – especially due to its ability to include remote working in its module.

Now, many sectors associated with Telecom and ITES have recently posted queries for services like SEO or social media marketing in India to promote their brand. If you too are associated with the given sectors, then this is the right time for you. Take a dip in the internet revolution, and Carpe Diem.


Let me explain.

Just like most industries, you too need to develop and work on strategies to promote your product/brand/services. While you are still engaged in traditional modes of promotion and marketing, most of your competitors and peers, have branched out to digital marketing strategies along with traditional techniques.

With India riding the digital wave, according to the figures published by Statista currently around 700 million people are using internet. This mean internet gives you the opportunity to connect with these unique users. You can promote your brand or offer solutions and earn loyal customers – through digital marketing.

Advantages of Digital marketing for IT, ITES & Telecom sector

  1. Push towards audience engagement
  2. Work on generating more leads
  3. Collaboration with other channels
  4. Encouraging brand loyalty
  5. Promoting add-ons and benefits to the existing and potential customers
  6. Better communication channels

When the digital marketing strategies (like Social Media Marketing for Telecom or Google Ads and PPC services for IT and ITES sector) are rightly executed – it can deliver better results for the company.

How Seven Boats can help?

Being an experienced full stacked digital marketing company in Kolkata, we can help you in reaching your consumer – creating an organic communication channel. It can assist in developing personalized services for unique customers, something that will set you apart from your competitors.

What will we provide?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Solutions

One of the most sought-after services in Digital Marketing, the SEO for IT industry in India is crucial. Since Google is one of the mostly commonly used web search engines in Asia, gaining a higher rank on the search engine result page enhances the chances of reaching the audience and builds trust among the potential audience.

Here are some other benefits of using SEO in the IT, Telecom and ITES sector:

Social media Optimization (SMO)

The social media has become a crucial tool for taking your brand to the next level engagement with the consumers (potential and existing). With more than 422 billion users on the social media platforms – starting from LinkedIn to Facebook – these channels can be a gold mine of data for IT and Telecom sector in India.

Some of the advantages of SMO for ITES sector include:

  • Providing a channel for your agency to connect with potential and existing consumers
  • Pushing the reach
  • Bringing in more leads for the agency
  • Receiving reviews for the brand or product that enhances the customer’s trust in the long run

In current times, when there are dime a dozen companies providing ITES services in Mumbai and other metro cities in India – establishing your presence in Social Media can enhance your chances of standing out in the crowd.

Other online promotional activities

The apart from social media marketing, Seven Boats help in setting up email marketing, Google Ads/PPC, Facebook Ads, and customized Web analytics services for your brand. Looking for complete digital marketing solution for your brand, then Seven Boats could be the place to connect.

Few of our IT/ITES clients

  • SZI Technologies
  • Webingo
  • Signet Media
  • CWG
  • Zinfi
  • PixelGenio
  • Blue Stockings Adv
  • Arodek
  • Dezzinne Ltd Hong Kong
  • Consultivo
  • Codez

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