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Digital Marketing Services for Financial Sector / Financial Institutions / Banks / Financial Advisors / Tax Consultants / CA

digital marketing services for financial sector
Digital marketing services for financial Sector – Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI)

Scopes of Digital Marketing in the Financial Sector

Digital marketing is an essential marketing component for all sectors and the financial sector particularly. Invest in a good digital marketing company that can effectively fillip your marketing goals to drive substantial returns. Various tools and practices help in securing the best results. Read the article to understand what Digital Marketing Services for the financial sector can do. 

Digital marketing has become essential for mostly all sectors and industries, but crucial for financial sectors as the financial institutions be it banking, investment, insurance, financial advisors, tax consultants, chartered accountants, stockbrokers, FMGC, e-commerce etc. have to depend on this form of marketing for getting closely associated with their customers one to one.

Marketing for a financial product isn’t the easiest, most financial institutions spread their influence through word of mouth in earlier times. However, with the advent of television, there was a rise in video content etc. But the thrust was always one to one. Digital marketing has changed the course of bridging the gap between financial companies and customers, who can easily be approached for investment by reliable financial companies. 

The use of advanced digital marketing will help companies grab high-quality leads. So, if financial sectors are serious about financial marketing bringing worthy ROI, adopting these strategies will help them see their business growing manifolds.  

SEO for the financial sector in India

The best tool to magnet potential customers to your investment policy is unquestionably the SEO. This is a marketer’s most lethal weapon as it generates more leads than any other marketing effort. Digital marketing services for financial sectors will optimize the website which is its biggest product.

SEO for banking services in India would involve a collection of strategies helping the bank measure a high rank on search pages. The website pages will be strengthened with keywords appearing on search, that will help the ranking of the page on those searched words and direct them to your website. The top-ranking pages on google get 33% page clicks and the top three results always get 61% clicks. 

Apart from this, effective content carrying information benefitting potential customers into various schemes and offers extended by the financial institute. Blogs on pain points of customers will interest investors. Your service must be mobile-friendly. If you do not have an app, your website will be optimized for the mobile enabling faster navigation for users. The reaches of SEO are far-reaching than you can expect. Leave it to the experts to build relationship strategies helping your business gain the right traction with the correct SEO practices. 

Social Media Marketing for Financial organization in India

When we talk about businesses like FMCG, being on social media, it isn’t limited to just posting on social media. Your social media, presence is an integral part of digital marketing and should be more localized. The advantage that social media provides is it allows the analysis of content posted by others offering information about customers. This information is utilized to your advantage and a marketing strategy can be devised to attract customers and fillip sale.  

The market is so dynamic that it is following new roles and trends every day. Choices of people are fickle and through social media, you can understand the pie-share for products and items preferred by customers. You can slot your customers in different target groups and focus on planned campaigns.

Online forums and discussion, getting a social influencer to speak on your product are brilliant strategies to attract the audience when it comes to local customers say social media marketing for financial institutes in Kolkata. Addressing each customer separately and solving their problems go a long way in winning customer following. Analyzing competitors and tracking their online activity is so much easier. This helps you to create a unique call to action offers, mounting the chances of winning over customers. 

Digital marketing strategies of Google Ads and the PPC help you to stand out from the crowd and reach out with the quality to customers. All you do is create a unique call to action copy with dollops of mouth-watering incentives. Cashback rewards, 24X7customer support, 0%interest, No annual fees. These really work. Break target customers based on income, demographics and make bid adjustment with customer affordability. Only focus on customers that show potentials of using your products. 

Customize and plan separate landing pages for separate ads and use call features bringing fast results. PPC shows results faster and in real-time. The minute your ad is live the appears on Google search of users just above the organic listing, it helps to catch eyeballs attracting the right customers even before you have been able to optimize your SEO. With a tailored ad copy, this is perhaps the most efficient targeting that one can use to reach out to specific customers in the financial sector.

Targeting with the long-tailed informational keyword that filters the search down to you bringing qualified traffic to your site without spending much on needless advertisements. Google Ads and PPC service for the financial sector in Kolkata or Mumbai or India, are invaluable digital marketing approaches that must be utilized correctly. 

Facebook ads for Banks and other financial companies

Facebook was and will continue to be the most efficient channel for financial companies from bookkeeping firms to retail companies, they all maintain one. Fresh content may not always be possible so certain practices will keep you fresh in front of the user’s eye and mind. Try publishing community-related content that appeals to a great mass.

It could be on a current social relevant topic, refraining or just edging on controversy depending on your product or service type keep the heat on and allow participation. Informative and amusing posts are the catch rather than commercial. Customers need time to gauge you as a service provider, create your quality. 

Reach out to the Gen Z and the millennials. Observe what’s trending with them and craft content to draw their attention. Financial educations with market knowledge are great calls for these sections. Highlight positive reviews from customers thanking personally. Regular contests and engagements are great means of interactions and paid ads of Facebook advertising solutions to ensure attracting the desired audience. Banks, financial advisors, retailers etc. can reach out exponentially to customers. 

LinkedIn ads for the financial sectors in India

The outstanding online precipitator of business connections LinkedIn is the best B2B tool that helps to maximize your investment. Giving your business a professional address and creating a sense of formality with seriousness. Briefly adding your services, you reach out to real professionals who have the capacity to invest big money through well-planned investments. Be a part of a LinkedIn group and participate in discussions. You won’t believe the number of people seriously following you.

Be discreet in your connection. Participate in quality conversation with the person whom you connect. Don’t forget to thank those who have connected with you. If you earn recommendations, then you are moving up in LinkedIn. Organize your profile from time to time. Share valuable and knowledgeable content. Finally, leave it to the pros to do it for you. 

Web Analytics for the financial sectors in India

Through advanced tools, financial organizations can check anything that runs on the webserver. It helps recover old data with username, login credentials and offers in-depth information of users like goal conversions, customer variables etc. Also, it allows you to catch broken links in relevant sites which you could try and use to your advantage.

It offers insight on mobile users accessing your website slotting the exact time spent on the site enabling targeting. Complete information to underlying data structure all these prove invaluable for financial sectors. SEO and e-commerce businesses in India make the most of this digital marketing tool. 

Few of our clients in Financial Sector

  • Step Ahead Investment Advisors
  • Merry Mind (Financial Planner)
  • Advisor Khoj (Mutual Fund, Tax advisors)
  • Taxmantra Global
  • The Accounting & Tax Canada
  • Paisa Invest
  • Gennex Consultants
  • Sayantan Consultants
  • Zubizi Web Solutions (GST, Accounting )


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