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Why is Digital Marketing for Business & Services Essential?

Digital marketing plays a vital role in shaping consumer behavior and influences the demand for a business or service.  This mode of marketing is an integral and essential component in today’s world, especially now, when the world is transiting from the offline to the online business. Not only does this marketing mode offer greater visibility but sets your product apart.

Considered a cost effective marketing strategy, as compared to the traditional advertising and marketing methods, digital marketing has a limitless reach. Developing trusts and educating customers with tools like SEO, Google Ads, pay per click services etc., digital marketing has revolutionized today’s world. How can anyone remain untouched with this influential mode of marketing?

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Benefits of digital marketing [Video tutorial]

In the modern age, it is essential for businesses and services to have a strong digital marketing presence. With the vast majority of consumers now using the internet to search for products and services, a well-executed digital marketing campaign can be the difference between success and failure.

By utilising a variety of online channels, such as search engine optimisation, social media marketing and email marketing, businesses and services can reach a wide audience with targeted messages that are designed to convert prospects into customers.

In addition, digital marketing can be used to build loyalty and repeat business by keeping existing customers engaged with your brand. For all these reasons, it is clear that digital marketing is an essential part of doing business in the 21st century.

SEO for business and services in India

Having a website is important and with help from SEO, your website content will be optimized to rank in the organic or unpaid search engine page of Google or Bing. SEO service for a doctor in Hyderabad will streamline your specialization and give you a good ranking in the search engine pages.  Ranking high makes you an easy and quick choice for customers and your service will help you retain them.

A search engine works in three steps. With a search request like Social Media Marketing for start-up business in Bangalore, it sends crawlers through all the content stored on the internet, which includes webpages, images and videos. The information is organized in a searchable list, called the search index. Smart search indexes like google, rank the searched content using algorithms, keeping the most relevant in a higher rank. Google and Bing change its algorithms periodically and adjusts accordingly making them the most widely used search engine in the world.

Both Google and Bing use metrics like page views, time spent, to measure the level of engagement. Therefore, the content on your site needs to be relevant so that people click the page and spend time. The quality of backlinks is another way in which search engines quantify your website. Building a good relationship in the community will have customers add links of your website as references.

Paid ads and campaigns may help to bring the product right in front of the user’s eye, but in long term, it is SEO and the organic ads that will bring traffic home. A large number of people are on some channel of social media. It offers the easiest visibility space for your advertisement and reaches the right audience within no time. A good SEO strategy will bring you close to your audience.

With planned blogging and content marketing and at a very small budget, Social Media Marketing for start-up businesses in Mumbai will help you find your audience as your business grows. The best part about digital marketing is, it can give you a platform even before your business takes off. Interaction on social media will eventually create lead funnel to your website. 

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Google Ads and PPC

Google Ads and PPC service for your real-estate business in Ahmedabad help your business get the right impetus. It may involve some time and money but puts your business or service ahead of your competitors. In a few months, it starts making you see the responses, as customer calls begin to increase. The two types of PPCs are Google Ads and Google Local Ads.

These two ad types will fetch more traffic and result in greater conversion. From your end, you are paying to Google to put your business on the search Engine Result Page (SERP). Bidding on keywords will help you get placed on the highest rank of the SERP, generating more keywords will get more clicks, impressions and conversions, which will turn to revenue for your business. You have the advantage of budgeting your ads throughout the month and there is no chance of overspending. PPC helps your business to get identified easily and gets greater conversions than organic clicks.

Facebook Marketing

More people are on Facebook than any other social media platforms and therefore it is not just a place where you can meet and connect with friends but also a good business place where you can interact with customers. For instance, Facebook marketing for financial services in Mumbai will help them come directly in contact with their potential customers. Sharing lucrative content like images, links, videos, will strike the right chord with customers.

Memorable ads will trigger an emotional connect and lead to a strong lasting bond with customers. With its effective advertising, Marketplace ads, you can carefully target demographic Facebook users according to age, location, education and interest. It offers you the ability to set a budget. Ad testing can be made on multiple ad versions run simultaneously for comparison of the ad designs. Built-in ad performance and measurement tools, local advertisement all these benefits can be garnered from Facebook ads by local furniture shops in Kolkata.

However, Facebook does not release its CTR, so it is difficult to know or measure the success of an ad. Cost of business for Facebook ads depends on the targeting options set by the advertiser. Increasing likes and followers on your business page will help posts appear on the news feed. This results in more interaction with users, cementing relationships and future conversions.

Contests involving as many Facebook participants as possible, promote posts where page owners pay flat rates to reach certain users. Sponsored stories; open graph, engaging customers through a third-party app on Facebook. Facebook exchange helps advertisers in retargeting through real-time bidding following their web history data. These are some effective marketing tools on Facebook

Facebook Ads

80% of all Internet users use Facebook. 65% of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook. The advantage of Facebook ads is the ability to reach your exact audience by age, interests, behavior, and location.  It is the cheapest forms of advertising where you can spend $5 and reach 1,000 people, much less than radio ads, television commercials or billboards. Facebooks ads show faster results and build brand awareness.

It eminently boosts your website traffic driving revenue, sales, and leads.  Social media advertising costs for businesses normally ranges from $400-$800/month. Though cost-effective, it is wise to hire a professional agency than to use an employee to help your company soar high on Social Media advertising. People who visited your site but did not purchase anything can be engaged by remarketing techniques on Facebook.

Driving repeat business from Facebook customers is an effective technique. Word of mouth referrals, building an email list and growing blog traffic can all be achieved from Facebook advertising. It can help grow your SEO ranking and break into new markets. The advantage to view the ads in real-time and if you are not satisfied you can also make changes to your ad.

Everyone is advertising through Facebook, even your competitors. This gives larger businesses an edge. Being easily available on mobile, the reach is far more extensive. Facebook advertising helps to bolster organic ads. Larger businesses in Noida will benefit through Facebook ads

LinkedIn Marketing

An ideal platform for networking and business growth that connects through interesting content and participation in industry discussions. There is huge marketing potential in this platform. Most business owners get leads on email marketing through LinkedIn. This professional social platform generates 277% more leads. Businesses rely heavily on this LinkedIn marketing channel.

However, you cannot be aggressive on LinkedIn and need to work your marketing strategy well on this platform. Target customers and start connecting. If you are selling your insurance service to a small business in Chandigarh, you can set up a campaign for businesses based in Chandigarh and surrounding areas with less than 100 employees. LinkedIn does a daily status update to keep the client’s name in the forefront of your network.

Through emails, it keeps briefing clients on how they can resolve a customer’s problem and share the results on LinkedIn. With invitations to webinars, businesses can pay to push their post on individual feeds through pay per click and pay per 100 impressions. The features are similar to Facebook with one difference, the ability to customize based on the company’s specifications. 

Web Analytics

Services like banking in Lucknow should rely on web analytics that offers detailed information on demographic, customer behavior, with age, gender, source and traffic. This serves to gain greater insight on how customers feel about their product and help to optimize marketing campaigns according to the user’s preference. This improves the campaign results with time.


Businesses and services cannot do without Digital Marketing. It is the best way to excel in your business and gain new customers while retaining the old. Big and small businesses and services in India should realize that this is the only marketing strategy that is sustainable and will outlast every other mode of marketing. Contact https://www.7boats.com for a foolproof digital marketing plan for your business and products.  

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