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Digital Marketing Services for Consumer Products / Consumer Electronics

digital marketing services for consumer electronics and consumer products
Digital marketing services for consumer electronics and consumer products companies

Digital marketing services for consumer electronics and consumer products companies: You need digital marketing for consumer electronics to compete successfully in today’s crowded marketplace. With strong positioning, fresh branding, and innovative content you can stand out from the rest. Look at today’s gadget culture which filled with plethora of headphones, smartphones, speakers, tvs, media devices, apps, game consoles and more. Unless you have a proper strategic marketing plan, it is difficult to blend digital tactics, leap competitors and establish new markets.

Corporate visionaries across every industry are unlocking the huge opportunities in their individual markets through the connected world. Enterprises and authority will continue to put in funds in game changing technologies which will help them in increasing the operational efficiency, intelligent decision making and improved user safety. B2B electronic brands are one of the most important sectors that need to understand the importance of digital marketing.

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Running a consumer electronics ecommerce store is a challenging task. It is not only about nailing down the pricing strategy, but also keeping up the online sales. That said, forging new connections with your potential customer is easier said than done which is why you will need the experts of digital marketing service for MSME of Kolkata to help you get the work done.

Understand your audience

One of the greatest things you need to understand in any form of marketing campaign in the world is to have a grip on your audience. None of your campaign strategies will gain traction if your ideas are presented to wrong people. The best way to understand them is to study them. Once you have a proper analysis, you can browse the exact type of content they would be interested in. The type of solutions and products that you offer can surely be segmented according to age, demographics, marketing history, gender and more. Understand your customer and the next steps will follow.

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Role of SEO

In any form of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization is the pillar concept. The experts who will be taking care of SEO for consumer electronics in India will be delving into a number of factors starting with the classic strategies and then leveraging its power to –

The SEO strategies will follow navigational, informational and transactional search queries. To understand better, tools like Google keyword planner, Google auto complete query data or other third party applications can be used. To drive more organic traffic for consumer electronic products it will be ideal to write and create title tags that can optimize the E-Commerce site. This means there will be a long tail target keywords instead of vague or inaccurate keywords. Optimizing title tags is a very important part. The experts of SEO service for consumer electronics can create the right meta descriptions and have structured data details (also called schema markup).

he Google shopping tab which includes unpaid, organically rank listing and can be used where there will be directly-in-search product listing that will represent an opportunity for electronics SEO. As of now the Google shopping results free that means the segment represents massive opportunity for product retailers, although understanding the algorithm will need expert minds. Also Google Local SEO or Google places for business is very important for dealer stores.


A very important part that dominates the Search Engine Optimisation is content. Many marketers know how to incorporate an inbound content-based strategy. Creating high quality content that has the target keywords can add value to the page by demonstrating expertise, authority and trustworthiness (EAT). Following the search quality evaluator guidelines of Google’s EAT concept, you can rank higher with the consumer electronic products page. A good approach for content would be –

Social media strategies

Did you know that about 24% of consumers who use social media lookup for the social media channels before actually making the electronic purchase? Consumers look up to social media channels to help them in their decision making. This is why your social media strategy should follow 3 core points –

Listen, teach, engage.

More than anything the social media channels is a listening tool. Whether you are going for Facebook marketing in Kolkata or LinkedIn marketing in India, it is very important that you have the experts of social media marketing who knows how to strategically navigate new areas for improvement within your audience.

Giving importance to customer created content is one of the best marketing strategies. For instance, you can feature the images along with the feedback of your electronic products from the actual customers who have used or purchased your product. Properly inculcating the user generated content is a great way to keep up with your customers and also utilizing your social handles to the most.

Importance of strategic PPC

The search ad landscape is equally important like that of your social media platforms. Using audience targeting for Google ads or PPC can make it possible to focus on your potential customer base. Audience intent is always the driving force that you use to frame the phrases that your users will put into the search engine. While there can be a significant variation on why different people search the same thing with different keywords, it is the work of an expert to bid the right keyword. The Google ads for consumer electronics in India will help to emphasize on the right audience instead of targeting them in unison. Google ads today offer plenty of audience targeting options such as-

  • Affinity audiences
  • In-market audiences
  • Website visitors
  • Custom intent audience
  • Custom affinity audience
  • Remarketing audience
  • Youtube users
  • App users

You can target them based on their behavior and prior marketing history as well as with location and demographic.

The bottom line

Performance marketers need to understand the nuanced characteristics of its audience that can help to better their campaign performance. For the right digital marketing of consumer electronics in India, search advertising platforms like Google will encourage advertisers to use audience targeting options with PPC and other paid campaigns, but having a proper web analytics in consumer electronics in Kolkata or your targeted city, will still look for organic traffic which is only done when you have a proper digital marketing campaign outlined.

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