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Every chapter has some unique significance of its own. It is very essential to know all these aspects of Digital Marketing to optimize your learning experience. Link building is also very essential for getting a particular website in ranking. So let’s see what are the steps involved in it.


After completing the third chapter, you would already feel confident about the Digital Marketing applications. Now the next thing that would be addressed in the fourth chapter, is creating popularity and understanding the correct way to execute the popular funda of Internet Marketing, i.e “Link Building”.


At Seven Boats Academy we feel the basic process to introduce any topic to you, starts with explanation of the concept and then also sharing the do’s and don’ts of that topic. So here also we would start with the definition of the Link Building.


Once the student develops a fair idea about it, we would discuss about the significance of backlinks (both  inbound or external link). Next the students would be guided with about the necessity of Nofollow & dofollow of links . Then the pagerank concept is shared with the detailed idea about the quality, relevance and freshness.


So by now the understanding of the student has developed substantially to understand the Google Webmaster Tool, necessity of Anchor Text. Then it is also necessary that the student should understand the natural link profile.


It is very obvious that only theoretical input would not be sufficient to make you an expert on these topics. So we emphasize on the practical implementation and research on all the above mentioned topics.


In short, the important things that are covered in this chapter are:-


  • Popularity & Link Building
  • Backlink/ inbound or external link
  • Nofollow & dofollow.
  • Google WMT & Anchor Text.
  • Natural link profile.

So after completing this chapter you would be able to :-

  • Manual backlink builder
  • PR link building using different techniques
  • Research and evaluate the recommended sites for building links.
  • Prepare reports of every link built

Course Curriculum

Off-Page SEO & Link Building
Types of Links 00:20:00
The stronger the linking network of a website, the more pronounced is its presence online. Search engine algorithms place a lot of value on how robust a linking network is and ranks a website accordingly.
NoFollow, DoFollow Links and PageRank 00:35:00
A website that is closely linked to other associated and relevant websites will have more credibility in the eyes, or rather algorithms, of Google
Anchor Text and Natural Link Profile 00:25:00
To put it simply, anchor text is the set of words or phrases on which a hyperlink is embedded. It can be a keyword or simply a phrase that links to a relevant and pertinent page.
Link Building Best Practices, PA and DA 00:20:00
As obvious from discussions about link building, it is a major tool for an SEO professional. However, just like any other digital marketing weapon, link building also comes with some best practices and guidelines. These are necessary to stay in the good books of Google and ensure that spammers do not have a field day online. The motto of effective link building centers around three keywords: quality, relevance and freshness.
Assignment: Link Building30, 00:00
How to Find Relevant Sites for Backlinks 01:00:00
Google pays a lot of attention and credibility on a web page that has backlinks. Such web pages get additional benefit during SERP indexing. However, the catch is that these backlinks must be relevant to the information on the web page it leads to.
Assignment: Backlink30, 00:00
FFA / MFA Sites 00:10:00
FFA stands for Free For All. These are websites that have a list of websites that are open to advertising online. MFA stands for Made for Adsense.
SEO Don’ts (Black-hat Techniques) 00:20:00
SEO is one field where the bad can mix in seamlessly with the good. That is, of course, to a certain extent. In the modern day SEO, search engines are coming up with sophisticated tools and algorithms to quickly detect SEO efforts that are playing in dangerous waters. The websites are likely to be hauled up and penalized.
Link Pyramid & Link Wheel 00:10:00
Learn what is link pyramid and link wheel
Google Local SEO & Map Listing 00:15:00
Google local SEO, Local Search & Map listing
Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) or Search Console 01:30:00
To make more sense of the data and statistics about a website, Google has designed and developed Google Webmaster Tools. This is a toolbox for the webmasters of websites. They can get all the information they want about a website
Assignment: WMT10, 00:00

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