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SEO Fact: While shopping for a product or service, 73% of consumers use search engines to find local businesses from where to buy. With more than 6 billion searches per month, who wouldn’t want their websites to rank at the top of the search engine result page?

7Boats helps you in achieving your desired online presence and to increase sales. Read some of our brief case studies below.

*This status of the projects mentioned below is at the time of first writing this page as on October 2011

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SEO Case Study for

Customer Facts and Strengths offers a complete range of taxation services, covering individual taxation services, company law services and a wide range of other chartered accountant services for enterprises, start-ups and individuals. TAX MANTRA.COM™ is an initiative of “TM Solutions Private Limited (TMSPL)”. TMSPL is a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 having offices at Bangalore and Kolkata.

TEAM TAX MANTRA consists of Chartered Accountants and Qualified Professionals having more than twenty five years of experience in serving patrons in the field of Income Tax, Other Direct/ Indirect Taxes, Company Law Matters, Assessments, Litigation and other allied consultancy services.

The Challenge

Most web sites on the Internet today simply cost money to the companies without bringing anything in return. Taxmantra asked us to promote their web site into the major search engines and directories. The challenge was to list and achieve top ranking with their most popular keywords. Web site needs to rank above their competitor’s web site in major search engines. was nowhere on online-search results when we started working on it.

The Solution

At Seven Boats Info-System we specialize in developing search engine compatible web sites and online identities that not only receive substantial traffic, but also convert that traffic into profits. With our team’s in-depth knowledge and rich experience we worked out a systematic and methodical plan that could promote to the top search engine placement in more of their keyword categories. We revamped the whole website in the most cost effective manner and added new features & ideas to it too.

The Method

First, we worked with “” to identify and develop “power words, key phrases” that are most relevant to their Taxation Services. Then we suggested changes in the web pages and revised the navigation system of to reflect the chosen keywords before re-submitting the site to targeted search engines. By our continuous effective web consulting service,we also added the most cost effective technical and business ideas and changes to the site for more quality lead-generation. To assess the effectiveness of our hard work and to strategize additional SEO tactics, we continually analyzes web site’s ranking on an engine-by-engine basis to examine the algorithms each search engine used to rank Web sites and the results achieved.


Taxmantra's traffic-growth trendWithin 1½-month web site got listed successfully in all major search engines and directories with almost top positions for their important keywords and key phrases. It also drastically increased its ranking on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and AOL. After only 1½-month, as a result of Seven Boats SEO campaign and the improved rankings, unique visits to increased. Within 6 months Taxmantra started to get many quality leads from the website itself. As a result, “” has taken advantage of interactive opportunities to reach its target market.

The Difference : When we started working for Taxmantra, they had a website with high end technology but their ROI was NIL. The usability was poor and there was no proper structure of website and of their online business. We helped them by our cost effective web consulting services to choose the easily available open-source web applications , put them together with our innovation and right digital-mix and made a simple but very effective website, rather a complete web business entity that gave them the first break-even revenue very soon. Money was flowing like water before, without result but now they were able to cut cost but at the same time getting more leads, branding and sales revenue. Taxmantra is still with us, growing very good and we are trying our level best to take them to higher level of success, not in terms of only SEO, rather in terms of overall business growth by our digital marketing consultancy and open source technologies.

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Sample keyword-ranking report for


SEO CASE STUDY: ELECTROBUZZ.NET acheived a #2 ranking for its targeted keywords “download electronic music” within a few months of hiring 7Boats Web Consulting. “We owe to the Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd all the success of our business today and we warmly recommend to everyone that needs professional and serious partner in their website and business development.” says owner Gregory Kasper.

In addition to SEO services, Electrobuzz sought out a site re-design, landing page optimization and customized web consultancy services to build up their private FTP membership business model. “Visitors really responded to the new design,” says founder Gregory, “There was a noticiable positive difference in customer response and sales as soon as we uploaded the new changes.”

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Keyword ranking for


Kaizencamera.comWe’ve only been working with (A unit of Kaizen Technologies Inc USA) for two months at the moment, and they are ranked #2 for “glamour photo editing services”. They are on their way to the top (they’re already in the top 10) for many other targeted keywords.

In addition to SEO services, kaizencamera needed some help in quality content writing, User interface testing, Usability analysis and custom website consulting services. Our experts were able to efficiently and quickly get their site up to date.

Keyword ranking for


Top Google Rankings of KaizenCamera:

Google search ranking report for as on 25th Sep, 2011

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SEO Case Study: is an independent publishing house who publishes kids ebooks. Ikigaibooks  achieved #1 ranking for their the most relevant and competitive keyword “russian kids ebooks” after being associated with us within 30 days. Earlier they had nowhere in search results but they are getting better rankings  for various other keywords and phrases. Check what Ikigaibooks is saying about us.


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