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Social Media Optimization SMO Services

SMO (Social Media Optimization) Services

Get Your Website the Social Advantage

The Internet is getting more social with each passing day. Online users are not isolated entities. They are always sharing their experiences with brands and products with other users through forums, discussion boards and social media networks. Studies have revealed that SEO services cannot rule out the revenue that can be generated through social media optimization (SMO) because more than 60% of the online users depend on recommendations and references before buying something online. Your website needs a strong presence on these platforms so that the influencers think of your brand when they recommend their friends and family to buy products.

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The use of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter cannot be ignored by SEO services as passing fads. Serious social media optimization can be done on these websites because you will find online users spending a lot of time here. The parameters of social media optimization are very different from the other Internet marketing tools that you have. Interaction and exchange of ideas are important ways in which we spread out the word about your brand. Our SMO experts do not send out random friend requests or spam social networking profiles with web links. Rather, we believe in activities like contests, polls and discussions to spark off interest about your products and services.

Here are some pointers that we follow in our social media optimization services:

  • No spamming social media users through online avatars that promote your brand. Such techniques harm the brand in the long run, not to mention the possibility that social media networks might block or ban such profiles
  • Interaction with online users through comments, discussion posts and other means to make them feel a part of the brand’s family
  • Our SMO team does not spam the added ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ with links to your ‘Services’ web page. It is only when the interaction has reached a suitable stage that we promote your brand.
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Our SMO Services

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