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Google prefers user intent than technical finesse

User intent based content is king

User intent or Technical finesse? Most web site owners and creators are concerned about the technical details of a site. The general perception is that a site needs to tick several boxes before it finds favour with Google’s algorithms. The most obvious among these check boxes is the ability of the site to maintain technical finesse. Web owners feel that without the right technical backend, sites will not be able to impress Google algorithms. However, it appears that all along these site owners were barking up the wrong tree!

User intent or technical finesse which one is important?

In a hangout session where John Mueller usually answers questions put forward by users, he has suggested through an answer to a query that technical finesse is not all for Google.

What is more important is the ability of the site to offer precise answers to a user’s query.

If the users visiting the site don’t have the satisfaction of having their question answered, a site’s presence on Google SERP is not validated. In such a situation, the site’s presence can feel threatened.

The question asked in the first place was about a site which had an otherwise impeccable technical background but was unable to shore up its rankings on Google.

In reply to this, Mueller suggested checking if the site was doing enough in terms of content. He offered to say that the site owner may be too caught up by the technical aspects of a site to concentrate on the more basic question of whether the site is able to offer quality experience to users. Without that factor taken care of, sites cannot enjoy a favourable spot on Google.

Here is the complete transcript of the answer offered by John Mueller:

Focus more on user intent to rank better on SERP

This is always kind of a tricky situation where you’re working on your website for a while, then sometimes you focus on a lot of the technical details and forget about the bigger picture.

So what I would recommend doing here is taking your website and the queries that you’re looking [to rank] for, and going to one of the webmaster forums.

It could be our webmaster forum, there are lots of other webmaster forums out there where webmasters and SEOs hang out. And sometimes they’ll be able to look at your website and quickly pull out a bunch of issues. Things that you could be focusing on as well.

Sometimes that’s not so easy, but I think having more people look at your website and give you advice, and being open to that advice, I think that’s an important aspect here.

Another thing to keep in mind is that just because something is technically correct doesn’t mean that it’s relevant to users in the search results. That doesn’t mean that it will rank high.

So if you clean up your website, and you fix all of the issues, for example, if your website contains lots of terrible content then it still won’t rank that high.

So you need to, on the one hand, understand which of these technical issues are actually critical for your website to have fixed.

And, on the other hand, you really need to focus on the user aspect as well to find what are issues that users are having, and how can my website help solve those issues. Or help answer those questions.”

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