Best Practices for Link Building

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SEO link buildingLink building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. No SEO professionals can think of improving their site ranking without a proper link building campaign. However, no one can learn it overnight. Planning and implementing an effective link building strategy needs specialized insight and SEO knowledge. The following are some best practices that you can adhere to optimize your back links.

 Best Practice #1: Deep Linking

Deep linking is one of the best practices when it comes to effective link building strategy. Therefore, one of your first tasks is to incorporate a deep linking strategy throughout the site. Blogs are good example of deep linking; they provide more deep links than most of the websites. And do it smartly. So study a few top blogs and find out how you can implement a similar strategy in your site.

Best Practice #2: Alter the Anchor Text

Anchor text plays a great role in link building and SERP (search engine results page). So alter your anchor text in a way that it reflects your content. This helps to keep your site highly relevant, which in turn helps in getting higher ranking in the search results. Your targeted keywords too play a great role in search engine results page. So be careful while selecting your keywords.

Best Practice #3: Balance between No-Follow and Do Follow Links

While marketing our sites, we mostly concentrate on the sites that provide do follow links to share the link juice. However, you must keep a balance between No-Follow and do follow links. Though the No-Follow links do not provide any credit to the linked site, you must not leave them out from your online marketing strategy. Remember, both Facebook and Twitter provide No-Follow links; nevertheless, they are important for any online marketing strategy.

Similarly, focus on all kind of sites with high, medium and low PR while exchanging links and marketing your articles. Though you should pay more importance to authority links, a proper mix of high, mid and low PR sites is a must for a successful link building campaign.