How SEO and Link building go side by side

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SEO link buildingLink Building and SEO are some of the most powerful SEO tools. Google uses a complex algorithm to determine the popularity of a website, and people that are new in the area of SEO must understand the power of those tools, and how they can be used effectively. However, while the theory is simple, putting it into practice is the real challenge. Where do you need to start from? What links are needed? By trying to answer to those questions, you will probably make many mistakes, but finally, the purpose is to create a solid SEO and link building campaign that will bring you the desired results.

Link Building

how it can be done

how you can connect it with SEO

how to avoid mistakes

You might think that placing some links on other blogs to your page is easy. Well, it is not true. First, by posting links randomly on other pages and blogs will probably not bring you the desired results, and it might even be considered spam by the respective pages. On the other hand, it must also be connected with the on-page SEO campaign, as you must connect the articles on your page that are expected to have the higher impact for the visitor. Moreover, you should also find the relevant directories and blogs where to post your messages, if you are really looking for effective results.

Quantity and quality

Many webmasters make the mistake of preferring quantity instead of quality, but this is wrong. If you want to connect your page on hundreds of directories, you will lose time and the result might not be the expected one. Moreover, you will also need to write many original SEO optimized articles to promote your page and isn’t it better to write them for your site instead of sending those articles on irrelevant directories?

There are the automated systems that will automatically subscribe your page to hundreds of directories. For some money, of course. It is the biggest mistake you can make. First, Google considers automated subscription as unfair; therefore, the pages that are promoted this way might be the subject of penalties. Second, an automated system will probably subscribe your blog having a technological theme on a directory designed for toys for kids, therefore the technique is not only ineffective, but also time consuming.

What is the connection between SEO and link building after all?

Link building is the method that will promote your website on other sites and in other internet places, while SEO is the method that will make sure your visitors will find your page with Google searches. As those visitors would want to find relevant content, it is important for your articles to be well written. This is why the SEO campaign must be perfectly coordinated with link building. If you want to invest some money in your site, you can find the specialized companies that will offer you an integrated SEO campaign, with link building and everything you need for your website to achieve the online visibility you desire.

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