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Strategic Internet Marketing Consulting

Strategic Internet Marketing Services

Grab the Online Advantage!

The Internet has opened up the market potential of every product and service. Geographical boundaries are not a constraint and neither is the marketing budget. Any startup can make use of online channels to promote and market their business. It does not require a lavish infrastructure. The basics of Internet marketing will be able to put any business on a global platform. With the help of Internet marketing services, the brand owner or manufacturer will be able to reach out a wider range of consumers and clients. The modern day Internet marketing can also be automated to a certain extent, thereby negating the requirement of a populous workforce.

I still can’t figure out how to rank high – or sometimes even rank for a given keyword – or how to find out the most important keywords to look out for my business! At times it seems confusing, vast and frustrating.

7Boats helps you understand the macro level and micro level details of Internet Marketing in a easy way by proper categorization of tasks involved and thus helps you deciding the right path to make your business successful online.


Inbound Internet Marketing

There are several Internet marketing tools that we make use of:

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    In this process, our SEO experts make use of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to capture the attention of online consumers. We employ Internet tools like article and blog submission, link building and directory submissions, along with classified and online press releases to ensure that consumers looking for similar services find your brand ranked among the top slots in search engine results.

  • Social Media Marketing:

    This new-age tool is the latest buzzword in Internet Marketing services, though very few know how to utilize the metrics of social media marketing for their benefits. We actively promote and market your products and services on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Our Internet marketing wizards know how to treat these platforms to build up a brand.

  • Search Engine Marketing:

    Search engine marketing involves promoting and marketing your brand, products and services through paid advertisements on the Internet. We earmark advertisement slots according to your target demographics. The purpose is to increase the online visibility of your business on the Internet channels and networks.

  • Content Writing:

    Content is the mainstay of our Internet marketing services. Fresh and crisp content has little substitute. That is why we make use of content for websites, along with articles and blog posts that are submitted on key websites to build up a steady influx of traffic to your web pages.

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