The ABC of Bullet Points

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bullet points in web content writingWhat started off as a feature to highlight important points and drive them home, is now a legitimate web content writing tool. Web pages are almost sure to have bullet points if they are looking to give the reader a quick glance at the information. Through bullet points, you can explain your point quickly and move on to the next one. At the same time, bullet points allow the reader to check through the mainstays of your copy without having to read through it all again. The trick that web content writers need to learn is how to make use of these bullet points most effectively. Here are some bullet points to help you grasp the trick:

  • Bits and Pieces: Information overload is a common problem for readers. Web content writers may go overboard and cram the copy with too much information. That becomes a problem for readers because they are unable to retain most of it. It is also a losing proposition for the writer. It would be much better if you use bullet points and break up the large chunks of information into small pieces. This is more effective for online readers
  • Highlight: Bullet points are used to highlight the most important points in your web copy. As the saying goes, too much emphasis is no emphasis at all! Believe in this saying when writing web copies. Use bullet points judiciously and relevantly. Don’t break up points just for the sake of increasing the number of bullet points. Before crafting out bullet points, list the main points of your copy
  • Brevity: The content against a bullet point cannot go on forever! You have to edit them out and keep them short. If you are looking to list only some technical points, do away with the explanations. If you look to explain a little against a particular bullet point (as in this copy), keep them short and relevant. As soon as you feel that you are cramping in two different topics into one bullet point, hit ‘Enter’ and write the next  
  •  Crux: Jot down the crux of your web copy in bullet points. That will enable readers with little time on their hands to browse through the points and know what your content is about. If the points interest them, they will scroll down and read your copy. Listing the main points also gives the reader a list for instant reference.
  • Symmetry: Keep your bullet points of equal length in terms of lines and words. That gives a sense of symmetry to the reader’s eyes. It looks odd when your bullet point lengths vary in their size. For example, a bullet point of a single line is best not followed by one of 5 lines. Of course, the copy and relevancy will determine the length, but it’s worthwhile to keep this point in mind while construction bullets.

Remember always that while writing bullet points treat each one like a headline. That will help you construct meaningful, efficient bullet points in your web copy.