Top 3 SEO Tips to Target B2B Market

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b2b seo tricksIt is not easy for SEO to affect B2B markets by using the regular methods and practices. What works to affect a consumer does not usually make any impact on a CEO or an entrepreneur. B2B means serious money amounts involved. Your marketing initiatives cannot be flippant or casual. Gimmicks and online tricks will not take you far as well, because business owners cross-check facts and ask their peers before they think of using your services. What you need is a genuine effort from the SEO department to make an impact on the B2B market. Here are some tips that you can find useful.

Better Content, Not More Content

This is the first tip that an SEO department has to understand and follow. For years, SEO practices include publishing tons of online content with keywords, relevant and otherwise, packed into them. The idea is to grab SERP slots. That has cut down considerably in the world of Google’s Penguin and Panda. But for B2B markets, you have to completely do away with this idea. You have to invest time and effort in generating quality content rather than a greater number of content. Each article should be well-researched and well-written. Shoddy work in the writing department will affect your chances considerably. CEOs read your content, not glance through.

Better Lead Generation Mechanism

This is a segment of B2B marketing that many SEO teams gloss over. The lead generation mechanism that you have on your website or landing page has to be streamlined and fine-tuned. You should have forms that can be filled up easily and email ids of ‘actual’ people on the Contact page. Entrepreneurs have little time to fill up irrelevant fields before they can get a quote from your website. They will quickly dump your form and pick up another website. Similarly, having obscure email ids on the Contact page makes them suspicious about your intent.

Better Inbound Linking

Remember the old saying: you are known by the friends you keep? For B2B marketing, the saying works! The inbound links that you have externally must be on credible and reliable websites. You must choose your inbound link positions with care and thought. Do not allow your web links to be placed on dubious websites that are known for fraud or inconsistencies. That infamy will rub off on your own services! Get your SEO team to pick inbound link slots according to the standard maintained by your own website. That will impress the CEOs and convince them about the authenticity of your services.